Human Services Profession

Topics: Disability, Mental disorder, Mental illness Pages: 2 (998 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Many people discover hardship and need help. This help is provided by different kinds of agencies and organizations, both public and private. Staffed by human service workers, this network, and the many kinds of help it offers, is as varied as the clients they serve. Human service workers help clients become more self-sufficient. Human service workers may do this by helping the client learn new skills or by recommending resources that allow them to care for themselves or work to overcome setbacks. These human service workers also help clients who are unable to care for themselves, such as children and the elderly, by coordinating the provision of their basic needs. Human service workers assist a diverse population of all clients, who are of every age and have a broad range of issues. It does not matter who the client may be, everyone needs help! Clients dealing with more than one group; for example, someone with a mental illness may also have a problem with substance abuse. Children and Families: Human service workers ensure that children live in safe homes and have their basic needs met. Guiding parents in caring for their children may include assisting with applications for food stamps or low income housing and locating reliable childcare. In some cases, such as those involving physical abuse or domestic violence, human service workers might recommend that the children be removed from their parents’ custody and be placed either in foster care or group homes. This removal may be temporary or permanent, but the goal is to work with the parents’ toward improving the situation, so that the children can return home as quickly as possible. The best place to serve children is in their home and with a family! If a return home is not possible, human service workers try to find permanent homes and adoptive parents for the children. The Elderly: Human service workers who assist older clients, they help them to live independently in their own homes whenever possible....
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