Human Services Paper 3

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Human Services Paper 3
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Ricky A Tyson

Social and Human Service Assistant
The Primary task of a Social and Human Service Assistant is to help clients get through hard and trying times in their lives (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). Human Services workers are also there to help them find other agencies in the Human Services network that may assist them further if needed (Woodside, McClam, 2011). Human Service Assistants also help other workers, including social workers, as well as clients find benefits in the community (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). The field of Human Services is broadly defined, approaching the objective of meeting human needs with a knowledge base that is interdisciplinary, and focuses not only on remediation of problems, but also prevention (National Organization for Human Services). Some of the employers of these workers may be nonprofit organizations, for-profit social services agencies, state and local governments (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). They are usually full time positions that may require working nights and weekends. Some of these positions may also require employees to undergo some short term on the job training (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). The education requirements are not very high a high school diploma is the basic requirement of employment in this field (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). The employer may require a little more education, because with the minimum education advancement is limited (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). This career is similar to what we are learning from our course of study first it involves being a help professional that is subject to the values of the human services profession (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). It requires the proper delivery of service, the networking with other agencies, and treating the whole client (Woodside, McClam, 2011). In this field one may come in contact with many different types of situations; there is however a particular population that is worked with, those who are suffering and require further assistance (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). The annual median wage in this field is $26,550 and the employment projections are 130,210 jobs available, 28% (faster than average (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). Some of the challenges of the human service assistant field are, the heavy workload and low pay, but the job outlook is very promising (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). This particular field is of no interest to me personally, only because my concentration is in another area of human services. It is likely that I would be working at some point with other human service helpers in this area, but there is particular population I wish to serve. As it has been stated in prior reading, the different agencies, and helpers will cross paths more than likely in their careers (Woodside, McClam, 2011). Social Worker

There are two main types of Social Workers, there are direct- service social workers, these are the front line workers that help people cope with problems in their daily lives (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). The other main type of social- workers is clinical social workers, these are the social workers who diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). They are Psychologist they may assist, and design other human services workers in developing individual treatment plans for their clients (Occupational Outlook Quarterly Fall 2011). This is a career in the Human Services field because the workers in this field who are sometimes called assistants, help clients in making choices for suitable resources and then follow up to make sure that the services provided are appropriate (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics) (Occupational Outlook Quarterly Fall 2011). This career falls in line with everything that we are being taught concerning Human Service, and Social work. It is a helping career that consists of providing services for...

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