Human Service Scenario Analysis

Topics: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Human Service Scenario Analysis
HSM 322
July 8, 2013

Human Service Scenario Analysis
* An interview taking place between a human service professional and a client is the beginning to a professional relationship. The human service professional must be able to communicate effectively, establish an effective working relationship, discuss boundary issues, address any attending behavioral issues, helping techniques, non-verbal communication, address special communication needs, cultural specifics sensitivities pertaining to diversity, discuss other groups related to this scenario, and any recommendations needed to further assist the client. The presenting case scenario will be used referring to Natacha Pierre, a 26 year old Haitian immigrant, who is clinically depressed due to her 2 children being in foster care because of educational neglect. Natacha Pierre was referred by her social worker at Child Protective Services (CPS) to receive parenting classes and an individual mental health assessment to assist with the reunification process to gain custody back of her children. The goal of the human service professional to ensure Ms. Acosta completes mandated court services and return to parent once services are completed. The first interview will take place at the home to assess where the children sleep, the surroundings, communicate with Ms. Pierre about her depression, and make referrals if necessary. The sole purpose of this interview is to actively listen and develop a communication style to figure out what the triggers are contributing to the depression and how get her children out of foster care. According to HM Management Space (2008), “Individual differences exist and are important. Length of eye contact, use of gestures, speech patterns, facial expressions, and the degree of assertiveness people project to others are some of the characteristics of a personal communication style. Eye contact is important so I will ensure to listen and write down any...
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