Human rights of sex workers in Bangladesh

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Human rights
Sex workers
In Bangladesh
Once an injured girl named Dolly, who was tortured brutally by someone who is considered as her husband or lover. She was taken to the nearby hospital by some of her co-workers. The condition was getting bad and she was badly in need of emergency treatment. But the doctors on duty refused to provide her any treatment as because she is a sex worker. The girls who brought her to the hospital, they are all sex workers and they didn’t have courage to request the doctor as they are all sex workers. Dolly regrettably accepted her death as her fate without being any treatment by the doctors. Why she didn’t get proper treatment? She is doing sex work to feed her family, is it the main reason? Before everything they are human being. They should have given all the 5 basic rights. Sex workers and their children are consciously discriminated by the society in various way. Law enforcer, govt., even the people of our society have always been malicious and unkind to the sex workers. Thousands of adolescent women and girls who are willingly or forcefully doing sex work are deprived of enjoying basic human and social rights. The main focus of my research is to figure out the condition of sex workers in Bangladesh, also come up with an idea that, how they are treated properly and given basic human rights. Also my research will be finding out the level of oppression, exploitation, violence and discrimination against sex workers in Bangladesh in respect of financial, physical, environmental, and social human rights aspects. My focus is also on to review the access of sex workers and their children to mainstream opportunities like proper food, health care facilities, education facilities, water and sanitation. Besides these main focus, I will also find out why do they enter this profession? Where do they stay? How is their lifestyle? How do we see them in our perspective? Table of content

Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Background ------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 Research Questions --------------------------------------------------------- 8 Hypothesis ------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Research Methodology ----------------------------------------------------- 10 Data presentation and analysis -------------------------------------------- 11 Interview summarize ------------------------------------------------------- 16 Summary of research findings -------------------------------------------- 18 Conclusion and Recommendation --------------------------------------- 20 Reference -------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 Introduction

A sex worker is a person who works in the sex industry. Sex worker is someone who provides sexual or sexual related pleasure in exchange of money, drugs, and other favors. Sex worker is a term that acknowledges the work part of jobs in sex industry. The motives of sex workers vary widely and can include debt coercion, or survival. These motives also align with varying climates surrounding sex work in different communities and cultures. In some cases, sex work is linked to tourism Sex work is an age-old profession. At the same time it is also considered as the hated or abhorrent means of livelihood. They are consciously discriminated by the society in various ways, which do not have any legal entity. Sex work in Bangladesh has traditionally been brothel based. The past decade has seen the growth of newer typologies. Street-based was the first one to be identified. Hotel and residence-based operations are more recent trends. The last two categories are more fluid with some overlap between them. In fact, while there has been no increase in the number in brothels, a growth has been seen in street-based, hotel-based and residence-based sex work. But the matter of sorrow that, they are not treated as human being....
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