Human Rights Essay

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Research Activity:
Human Rights

Narrowing your topic:
Focus on ONE important idea: You will need three paragraphs that support your topic. What is the idea you will choose:

After brainstorming
Are there any ideas that you can throw out – ones that do not fit the topic of the essay?

Identifying the Purpose: Answer the following questions as you do your research: 1. Why are you researching this topic?
2. What opinion do you want to state? Identify your topic and point of view? 3. Why do you feel strongly about your topic? Answer this question using the research information and facts you have gathered. They need to convince the reader that you are indeed correct in your statements. 4. What resolutions/ solutions do you feel need to take place to support the human rights issue you are examining. Who should be doing this and how should it be done? Gathering Information:

Find facts to support the information in your research paper. Give the readers supported reasons for the written text. This is what you have found happens and this should be done about. Look to NGOs that are helping victims of the human rights violation. What do they do to stop these crimes? Organizing Information:

How do you want to take this information and put it in writing? Review your information gathered and put it together.

What is happening in the world right now? People don’t really think of crimes in real-life. However, what people know is just the tip of an iceberg. There are tragic events happening around the world, such like murders, rapes, and forced labors. One of the infamous events is called Organ Trade which is illegal and unethical. In this essay, why it happens and how it happens in USA, China and Korea will be discussed.

One of the reasons why Organ Trade happens is poverty. People in low society class tend to give their labors, but they earn little money so it is no useful at all in truth. Some people are disordered to give their labor, so what they choose is organ trade which hand them money without labor. José da Silva, a man who lives in Brooklyn of New York sells his organs to people who need them. He says that because he’s extremely poor, his twenty-three children have to participate in prostitution and they have to share one egg with salts for all of their three meals. His actual motivation of starting organ trade was his mother, who sold her own flesh to get money. Since he had sold his kidney and rib, he has huge-long scar that had been sewed. He explained that average monthly pay for most of the works in Brooklyn is only around eighty dollars, and especially poor people hardly find jobs. However, his customer was not assured if what she was doing was illegal or not. The woman who bought kidneys from him explained that her health was getting worse and her doctor’s recommendation was to get organ from someone. She said that there are more than thousands of people died out while waiting for organs transplanting so it is reasonable to get organs from people to save someone else. Do most of people want to donate their organs? Probably they won’t. Therefore, there are only poor people who sell their organs because the society didn’t let them have fair jobs like others due to less ability and wealth.

The second case of organ trade is called Forced Organ Trade. It is a bit different from trade due to poverty. Although it is illegal, trade due to poverty has agreements between seller and customer. However, forced organ trade doesn’t require agreement. In 2011 of Korea, a movie called The Man From Nowhere released and it was a box office hit. It was a movie which satirized the merciless reality of our society. The plot of the movie was all about a man saving a little girl who was kidnapped by organ traders and drug sellers. In the movie, the kidnappers use children to make drugs and sell their organs to earn money. They sell such things like eyeballs, ribs and kidneys. Additionally, it...
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