Human Rights and Ngo

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Human Rights -Role of NGO
“The evolution of the human rights movement clearly illustrates humanity’s ongoing struggle toward creating a better world.”– Robert Alan

Many organizations around the world dedicate their efforts to protecting human rights and ending human rights abuses. Public support and condemnation of abuses is important to their success, as human rights organizations are most effective when their calls for reform are backed by strong public advocacy. Non Governmental Organization is one of the examples of such groups. In every part of the globe, there are Non-Governmental Organizations’ (NGOs) working every hour of the day to document the injustices heaped upon women, children and the under-class, standing beneath the bottom rung of the society. By their active campaigning, they remind Governments to keep their promise in order to give practical shape to goals set by various national and international conventions on human rights. India is estimated to have between 1 million and 2 million NGOs. The NGO are a necessary corollary to the democratic machinery of the government, they are means of democratic empowerment of those who are less powerful and less advantaged as the government machinery and its authorized institution are not always sufficient to guarantee the protection of human right.

Human Right and NGO
Human rights as the ‘Rights relating to life, liberty, equality, and dignity of individuals guaranteed by the constitution or embodied in international covenants and enforceable by the courts in India’ The term non-governmental or, more accurately non-profit is normally used to cover the range of organizations which go to make up civil society. Such organizations are characterized, in general, by having as the purpose of their existence something other than financial profit. However, this leaves a huge multitude of reasons for existence and a wide variety of enterprises and activities. NGOs range from small pressure groups on, for example, specific environmental concerns or specific human rights violations, through educational charities, women's refuges, cultural associations, religious organizations, legal foundations, humanitarian assistance programs. The Economic and Social Council may make suitable arrangements for consultation with nongovernmental organizations which are concerned with matters within its competence. Such arrangements may be made with international organizations and, where appropriate, with national organizations after consultation with the Member of the United Nations concerned.

NGO’s have a vital role to play in the promotion and protection of human right specially in the developing country, has the largest number of NGO’s whose activates are spared in different fields for the welfare of human being including the promotion and protection of human right.

Role of NGO
“The 21st Century will be an era of NGOs.” — Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General The world conference on human right was held in Vienna in Austria in 1993, with objective “to review and assess the progress made in the field of human right”. The resolution no 38 of the declaration stated –the world conference on human right recognizes the important role of Non Government Organization in the promotion of all human right and in humanitarian.

NGO organization have functioned as the conscience of the national in the field of human right by taking prompt action to investigate the instance human right by undertaking and the spot studies and publishing the observations.

NGOs play a pivotal, role in many fields, such as in prevention of HIV/AIDS, to educate to teach and train vulnerable groups, child care, child exploitation, child labour, bonded labour, in sex tourism, and providing counselling in number of matters including domestic disputes, subject relating to rights of women and children and so on.

Among the wide variety of roles that NGOs play, the following are important The Social Welfare Role...
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