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Human rights abuse

By mackstorey Apr 20, 2014 268 Words
Darren Storey
Reflection on Choose Your Own Topic essay
Janet Willman
November 24, 2012

Choose your own topic essay has been one of my best essays so far. The feedback I got is I made simple errors like using brackets instead of parenthesis, and few comma errors. With this essay I was allowed to pick my own and I was passionate about the topic I choose. For my career I want to be a criminologist so understanding why people do things especially why they commit crimes intrigues me. The easiest part of this essay was choosing the topic, and knowing what I wanted to say. I finished prewriting it in no time at all and I all had to do is go over it and make all flow and sound professional. The hardest part for me was actually staying in the 500 word maximum. I had so much to say about this topic that it was hard for me to limit myself to 500 words I had to cut out a lot of facts. The part of the essay I liked is the whole essay because I got to choose and it is something I enjoy writing about. The part I didn’t like about was really nothing except for the 500 word limit. The part I had to revise was my in text citations, some comma errors, and I went through it again and added and subtracted words where it needed to be done. If I had to revise this again I would not know what to revise I think this is a good essay and doesn’t need any more revising.

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