Human Rights

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Human Rights Research Paper
Brandi Clyde
Savannah State University
Professor Owens
November 21, 2014


In this essay I will express my view of what I consider to be basic human rights and what the violation of human rights is and why it is wrong and unethical. Examples will be provided from events throughout history that demonstrated violation of human rights.

Human Rights Violation Research Paper
The freedom to express an opinion and to act freely without violating the rights of others is known as human rights. This refers to the basic merits and liberties to which all humans are entitled. The topic of human rights is a very controversial subject that has received lot of attention over the years. Many people may have different opinions on what frames human rights but the majority of society believes that everyone should have the same privileges. Regardless of religion, race, or gender, all individuals have the rights to the same freedoms. Globally speaking the world has faced a lot of human discrimination jointly in the past years, and these human rights violations are still going on today. All human beings suffer when they are tortured, imprisoned and intimidated. It is like their human rights are being taken away from them because they are not able to do anything. The question of human rights is very important to the point that there should not be any different views on this. We must therefore now take action on a global agreement not only on the need to respect human rights internationally but more importantly on the definition of these rights. The problem of human rights is that people and countries have a different understanding of the terms and its protections. In some counties political and civil rights are not given or guaranteed to all its citizens. In some other countries, economic and social rights are not enforced, therefore, the basic idea behind stressing human rights is that all governments should try to maintain these fundamental rights and see that all types of discrimination in this respect are rooted out. Violation of human rights and freedom gives rise to alienation, dissatisfaction, frustration and acts of terrorism. The governments run by very ambitious and self-seeking people often use repressive measures and find violence and terror as an effective means of control. But state terrorism, violence and transgression of human freedom is a very dangerous strategy. This has been the background of all revolutions in the world. Whenever there is systematic and widespread state persecution and violation of human rights, rebellion and revolution have taken place. The French, American, Russian and Chinese Revolutions are glowing examples of human history. The first war of India’s Independence in 1857 was a result of a long and systematic oppression of the Indian masses. The rapidly increasing discontent, frustration and alienation with the British rule gave rise to strong national feelings and demand for political privileges and rights. Ultimately the Indian people, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, made the British to leave India, setting the country free and independent. Thailand has a huge problem with the trafficking of women. Women trying to leave Thailand and make a life for themselves are being tricked into being smuggled into Japan. Once there, they are forced into prostitution and have no way of returning home. They have no passports and cannot speak the language of the country they have been brought to. In addition to the illegal trafficking of women, Thailand has recently begun executing prisoners again. The death penalty is considered a human right violation because it is taking away the right of another person to live their life. The police of Thailand have also been accused of unlawful killings and torture. The unlawful killing is a part of their current war on drugs. The police have a policy of shooting to...
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