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Human Rights

By ddevito603 Apr 29, 2011 815 Words
Throughout history, There have been many examples where groups of people have been denied their human rights. Individuals, groups, and governments have attempted to end many of these human violations, although they may not have always been successful. One example from history where human rights have been denied was the holocaust. The holocaust was horrendous because many harmless people died. During world war II, Hitler created concentration camps and death camps to kill the Jews because he thought no one else should survive that not Germanic. Another example where human rights was denied was the Rape of Nanjing. The rape of Nanjing was when Japan and china were arguing during WWII because China abandoned their nationalist capital, Nanjing. M any Chinese citizens were raped, shot, strangled, drowned and murdered from the Japanese armies. The holocaust and the Raping of Nanjing were brutal incidents where human rights were denied.

During WWII, Many groups of people had denied human rights, because of this many harmless, defnesless ctizens were killed. One example of human rights being denied is The Holocaust. The Holocaust was after Germany had taken over Poland. Hitler thought that Germans were a master race, and that they were better than everyone else. He thought that the world would be a better place if only Germanic people lived. Since he only wanted Germans to live, he crated the S.S army, another name for the Nazis. First Hitler tried to take the jews out of germany and when that didn’t work he forced the jews to live in overcrowded ghettos. The Jews, along with every other race hitler didn’t like, were trapped in these neighborhoods and hoped that the citizens would die of diseases and starvation. When he realized this wasn’t working fast enough, he came up with the idea of building death camps. The Nuremburg laws took away the jewish ights to citizenship, and the Nazis forced all Jews to wear the star of david so it was easier to identify them. The Nazis would go from house to house forcing the jewish citizens to go on the train with them. Some jews would hide in a non jewish house, like in the story “the diary of anne frank.” In this novel, Anne Frank and her family hid in their neighbor, who was non-jewish, attic so the nnazis wouldn’t take her family away and split them up. Whenever a jewish citizen had no where to hide, then Nazis forced them on a train . When their on the train, they didn’t know where they were going and for how long. The train was taking them to the consentration camps that Hitler had built all over Poland. When the Jews arrived at the first camp, name Auchwitz there was a sign in the front that said “ Arbeic Macht Frie” which meant work brings freedom. When the citizens arrived at the camp, The Nazis forced everyone to be nude while they wait on lineto get their numbers. Hitler took away the right to have their own name, so he replace their names with numbers. They also had to wait on line to see if they were too weak to work . If one was too weak to work they went straight to the death camps. At the death camps, mothers would get separated from their children and some would get shot, or sent to the gass chambers. The Nazis would lie to jews and say they were going to take showers, but as they arrived at the showers they realized they wrent coming out. The showers shot out corbonmonoxide and different gasses so that the Jews would sufficate and die. As for the men who were strong and able to work, got sent to work. The Nazis would take all the workers shoes and make them run bare footed on the dirt, rocks, and the hard cold floor. This was very brutal. The workers only got fed once a day, they were only fed one piece of bread and a bowl of soup. If anyone spilt soup or drop a crumb of bread all of the workers would fight each other for it. When Hitler realized that most of the jews were staying strong he created creamatoriess to kill most of the survivors. The Nazis would call out random numbers to go into the creamatories. While the germans killed all the Jews, some Jews who havnt been captured fought back. A small group of the jewish army killed gaurds, stole weapions and gun powder and then brooke out. Many of the people were illed but aho ever survived continued to fight. After the war was over all the camps were destroyed and most people who survived the camps would die from eating too fast and choke themselves. The ones who didn’t die of choking, lived a harsh memory of the holocaust.

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