human rights

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Throughout history, the human rights of certain groups of people, such as Jews in Nazi Germany, have been violated. Human rights are the basic rights inherent to all human beings, without discrimination. These rights include liberty, life, and freedom under a fair law system. However, in the past, major world superpowers have denied specific groups of people their human rights. Therefore, legal codes and efforts have been made to end such acts of cruelty and injustice.

Every person on Earth has the right to be honored and respected for his or her beliefs and no one should be punished for having different religious views. However, during WWII, the leaders of Nazi Germany failed to acknowledge these concepts. Most human rights violations stem from the desire for extreme power. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party had an unrelenting thirst for power and supremacy. This resulted in the mass murder of over six million Jews, a genocide more commonly known as the Holocaust. The Holocaust began on Kristallnacht, or the night of broken glass, when Nazis invaded and destroyed the homes and shops of over a hundred Jewish families. Nazis created the Nuremberg laws, denying Jews their basic rights to live and function normally with the rest of society. Jews were ripped from their homes and pushed onto trains like animals. They were sent to ghettos and concentration camps, but usually, death was their ultimate destination, whether it was through lethal injections, gas chambers, or excessive overworking. The mission of the Nazis was to completely annihilate all Jews and to create an Aryan race, consisting of German citizens with only blonde hair and blue eyes. After being humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles, which forced Germany to take full blame for WWI, Germany wanted to be considered superior among all others. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis believed that the Holocaust would be sufficient revenge for the struggles they were forced to face throughout history.

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