Human Resources Training

Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Training and development Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: May 15, 2005
The bottom line for any company is how efficient the workforce is at producing a quality product. Any company which desires to stay ahead of its competition will engage in training and team building efforts for their employees. However, is it really effective? What if the employees do not perceive the training in a positive manner? In their case study, Employee perceptions and their influence on training effectiveness, Amalia Santos and Mark Stuart examine these questions and more.

The basic research question at hand was: Overall, what are the employee's attitudes and perceptions toward the training they were being asked to obtain? Secondly, are the workers able to take the training which they have received and utilize that knowledge in the workplace?

Santos and Stuart state that most of the human resource literature seems to point at the fact that training is the most significant factor in obtaining behavioral and cultural change. They cite Keep, E. (1989). 'Corporate training: the vital component?' in New Perspectives on Human Resource Management as showing that training was able to bring about a deeper commitment by workers toward a project as well as bring out certain talents or abilities that may not have been utilized or noticed before(Santos, Stuart, 2003).

The researcher's; hypothesis was that the evaluation methods would make a difference in matching the type of training to the employee's needs and that when this was done the employee's attitude toward the training would be a positive one.

Most of the research participants were employees who worked in the core financial services business. Upper management were included as well as those in the branches, on the line, and the head office. Names were selected randomly from a computer's system.

One of the larger variables in this case study was the motivation of the employee himself. One of the larger complaints that Santos and Stuart point out, is that companies are spending large amounts of money...
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