Human Resources Testing and Selection Process

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Pre-employment Testing: Roles in the Selection ProcessChristal PittmanOMM618: Human Resources Management (MFG1328A)Instructor: Robert RupeJuly 22, 2013| |


Pre-employment tests play an important role during the selection process. These tests reveal major results that help management in deciding on whether to hire the applicants or not. There are many tests available and accessible to incorporate for any type of business, as long as they focus on getting a straightforward vision when it comes to their human resources – hiring the best employees. A review was conducted on two primary articles that elucidated on the roles of employee testing play during the selection process. The review showed that tests primarily help in decision making that considers various measures relating to the candidate. These include skills, experience, aptitude, personality, and integrity.

It has been a worldly emphasis that employees are the fuel that drives the organization in realizing its corporate goals and objectives. They are those who serve as a mechanism that provides a strong foothold for the organization in effectively meeting all its vision both for the organization itself and for its customers. Having much of this extensive note regarding the role employees play for the organization, it is quite considerable that firms and organizations must make certain that they obtain the best and competitive workforce to handle all the business activities and processes. Attaining such human resource objective is a very complex and demanding task for the organization. This is because of the wide accessibility to employees within the pool of labor industry. Such drastic changes in the labor market dynamics were seen to be caused by the pressure of globalization, industry restructuring, as well as the continuous levelling of the playing field of prospective candidates across the globe. Yet, there are some of the approaches...

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