Human Resources Skill Test

Topics: Skill, Aptitude, Management Pages: 4 (853 words) Published: April 27, 2013
HR Skill Test
Time Allotted: 20 minutes
Section 1
1. What is the MOST common way of recruiting lower level production workers? A. Hire from within
B. Posting on E-mail
C. Walk-ins
D. Employment Agency

2. In planning for training and development, we must first determine: A. The available training programs
B. Training needs
C. The available funds for training programs
D. The number of individuals to be trained

3. Which type of psychological test measures a person's overall ability to learn? A. Aptitude
B. Interest
C. Personal
D. Specific abilities

4. An HR professional has been assigned to communicate specific policies and procedures to line managers on how to deal with employee grievances. Which of the following HRroles does this task represent? A. Advisory

B. Evaluation
C. Control
D. Service

5. Which of the following is MOST likely to be included in a new-hire orientation program? A. Product knowledge training, skill gap analysis, process work flow B. Company history, policies and procedures, employee introductions C. Product knowledge training, communication skills, interpersonal skills D. Skills of listening, questioning, explaining, creative problem solving

6. A candidate's ability to complete an actual job task is best tested through a: A. Predictive index.
B. Work sample test.
C. Aptitude test.
D. Achievement test.

7. The three functions of HRD are:
a. Orientation, training, and de-employment
b. Training, individual development, and strategic development c. Training, individual development, and organizational development d. Strategic, operation, and individual

8. Job enrichment involves:
a. Adding more depth to a job
b. Broadening the scope of a job
c. Rotating the order in which the tasks are done
d. Giving feedback directly to the employee

9. What type of job would typically use a work sample test?
A. Management
B. Human Resources
C. Production Worker
D. Accounting

10. For...
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