Human Resources Services

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SGA 1237 - Human resources services|
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Eduardo Sa|

Table of Contents
3.Conclusion and Recommendations3

1. Introduction

We are Human Resource consultants; named Caterina & Eduardo began in 1990.We Help Company and small business with the recruitment. We help Employers find suitable staff; employee to be proactive. Master Steel a small family business requested our profession skills to encourage all employees to deliver best service. Our weapon is excellent communication. With the owner approval, we created a survey; followed up: interviewed two staff members.

2. Findings

We have developed survey of questions to ask employee point of view in the organization. We asked questions in regards satisfactions, teamwork, management, training, improvement in the work place. Most of the questions we have developed aim to understand the internal communication in the company; the opportunity and quality. Two employees took the survey ;one is a 19 year old, which is studying to accomplish Certificate 3 Engineers in Fabrication: also he is an apprentice in the organization. Second employee is a father of 3 kids, past 40 ‘s. He has got 10 years management experience, but is main duties is drafting. Both are very reliable people. After we have calculated the results; we discovered that they didn’t have many disagreements. Equally feel pleased to work for the company and they are committed to quality and continue improvement. This organization is a family business, which aim to deliver consistent service. Therefore, we created the right KPIs of what is important to the organization. The apprentice needs to be assessed every 3 month to release efficiency and consistence. All staff requires regular trying in the appropriate area to not relaxed track of the yield. If a new worker is needed the company must organize an induction on the first day,...
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