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Human resources management is a series of corporate human resource policy and management activities. These activities consist primarily of corporate human resources strategy development, staff recruitment and selection performance management, ,training and development, compensation management, employee turnover management, employee relations management, employee safety and health management. : The use of modern management methods, (optional), development (education), keep (to keep people) and utilization (employment) plan, organize, command, control and coordination of human resources a series of activities to achieve business development goals, and ultimately achieve a management behavior. The ultimate goal is to promote business goals.

Companies need what kind of human resource managers? Can be said, this problem is almost all HR practitioners subject of great concern, because it is directly related to HR's own career planning and prospects. Parameters of this discussion, the majority of HR practitioners, the outcome of the discussions is a matter of opinion. Analysis from personality traits, such as "professional knowledge, rich affinity, elegant style of conversation HR admire a plus, the ability of HR itself, but unhelpful, behave, heavy experience is not heavy, never one in his face HR Hengmeilengdui; starting from the core concept of, such stressed that the implementation of "to people-oriented"; discussion from the professional knowledge and skills, such as each module system build, process system integration, etc.; also have elaborate from the role of HR's , such as a strategic partner, administrative expert, employee relations managers, reformers ......

But when we look back to see the view in the discussion, most people are standing in their own areas and stand up to explain the HR cognitive rarely found in the real boss and business perspective to consider the issue. This is the reason why the outcome of the discussion there will always be controversial.

I think "Human" is the most important asset of the organization, is also the key to competitiveness factors. Therefore, regardless of the institutions, public agencies, or corporate bodies more and more attention to the cultivation of talents.

Normally HRM typically include the following elements:
(1) job analysis and design. The nature of corporate jobs, processes , responsibilities, structure, and qualified for the position of staff’s quality, knowledge and skills acquired in the investigation and analysis on the basis of the relevant information, write a job description and job specification of Personnel Management File . (2) HR planning. Corporate SHR into medium-and long-term goals, plans and policy measures, including the status of human resources, supply and demand forecasting and balance to ensure that enterprises needed to obtain the required human resources. (3) staff recruitment and selection. According to the requirements of human resource planning and job analysis, recruitment, selection for the enterprise need human resources and recruitment arrangements to certain posts. (4) performance evaluation. Employees in the assessment and evaluation of the performance achieved in the contribution to the enterprise and work to make timely feedback in order to enhance and improve staff performance, and for staff training, promotion, capitation and other personnel decisions provide the basis for a certain period of time. (5) Compensation Management. Including the design and management of the salary structure of the basic salary, performance pay, bonuses, allowances and benefits to motivate employees to work harder for the enterprise. (6) employee incentive. Incentive theory and methods need to be varying degrees of satisfaction or limit, on the staff of the various cause employees psychological conditions change, to inspire employees to work to the desired goal of the enterprise.

Human resources management along with the organizations of...
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