Human Resources Management and Job Design

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, United Nations Pages: 6 (2057 words) Published: April 19, 2013
SHYLAJA. J, Assistant Professor, V.J.LAWRENCE Lecturer, and Dr. K. MALLIKARJUNA BABU Prof. and Head of the Department.

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, BANGALORE – 560 019. Karnataka State – INDIA. Abstract Behavioral Sciences are fast emerging as a significant aspect responsible for the success of the modern day businesses. In the present global competitive era it is observed that despite being provided the best of the facilities and attractive remuneration package, the employees, turnover continues to be a matter of concern to the organizations. Employees look beyond monetary aspects while considering job satisfaction. WE have been witnessing the migration of employees from one company to another quoting dissatisfaction as the major reason. This has been the problem with also several blue chip companies. Are there other issues which leads to commitment and loyalty to stay on in companies? The organizations could not afford to lose key individuals for some matters related to job dissatisfaction and discontentment. In such a scenario “Organizational Behavior” becomes a very essential tool in shaping employee morale. Job Design becomes all the more important and is an avenue that could lead to overall job contentment. It could be made more enriching and appealing to the employees by incorporating suitable Human Resource and Behavioral concepts. The objective of this paper is to identify some of the state of the art and tested techniques in Human Resources Management that could make the job more enriching and interesting to the employees. It aims at “Quality of Work Life” where the emphasis is given to issues like Quality, Time, Commitment, Work Culture and Social Responsibility. WE have to act to ‘Realize Our Needs’. Access to technology helps in marching forward but people have to be told to contribute to develop to their full potential, utilize resources improve relationships and acquire knowledge. Duplication of efforts to gain increased productivity, continuous quality improvement and progress could be avoided. Sharing the resources between nations can do this. Importance should be given to self-sufficiency and efficiency, stimulating original thinking resulting in effectives of the system. Introduction Emphasis of Industrial Engineering with respect to Human Resource Management and Job Design are Ergonomics, Human Factors, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Operations Research and Management. Experimental work in the field of Biomechanics, Human factors, Computer Integrated Manufacture, Process Control, Graphics, and Computation methods are done. Ergonomics and Human Factors includes biomechanics, man-machine systems, prevention of musculo-skeletal disorders, other industrial hygiene issues, and ergonomics and human factors issues in a aviation, space systems and rehabilitation.

Manufacturing Systems Engineering includes computer-integrated manufacturing; the planning, design, and control of manufacturing systems; Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing; and the application of robotics, vision systems, and artificial intelligence in manufacturing. Operations Research includes deterministic and stochastic optimization; multi-criteria decision making; expert systems and artificial neural networks; modeling and analysis of system reliability; Total Quality Management; and the modeling, management, and simulation of manufacturing and service systems. 1

Objective Aim of Human Resource Management to increase the awareness of the real power, to direct, to make decisions, to develop ethical systems, to enhance the lives of self & others and to understand that the systems should be made successful with active participation of all working partners. Process This can be achieved through the development of conceptual skills, entrepreneur skills, leadership skills, managerial skills, technical skills and...
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