Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management.
A. B. M. Rashiduzzaman
Date -28/12/12
• What is Recruitment?
For the procurement of employees HRM is to do the sub-operative functions of recruitment and selection. Before doing the functions of recruitment and selection HRM is determine the standards against which recruitment and selection are to be done. For the job analysis is to be done that has been already discussed.

Recruitment means the process through which employees with potentialities are searched, identified and encourage going for employment. • Sources of recruitment:
Employees can be recruited from two sources-
1. Internal sources
2. External sources or out side sources.
1. Internal sources:
Internal or inside sources mean that process when recruitment is done from employees presently working inside the organization. Advantage:
Recruitment from inside sources enjoys some benefits. These are: a. Firstly HRM can recruit employees from presently working employees of the organization. HRM has got much information about the employees working in the organization. As such HRM can recruit employees with more accuracy and correctness. b. Secondly, cost of recruitment becomes less as recruitment is done from employees working organization. c. Thirdly, It recruitment is made from inside sources the moral and the level of motivation is heightened because in case of recruitment from inside sources the process of promotion is followed. It is to be noted that recruitment from inside sources can be practiced in case of thus jobs that are present in the upper position of the organization. As such at the entry point of employment HRM can not recruit employees from inside sources. Rather HRM shall have to go to out side sources for recruitment. Disadvantage:

The important disadvantage of recruitment from inside sources is that, new ideas and thinking can not enter into the organization. As such the level of creativity in the organization diminishes. 2. External or Out side resources:

When employees are recruited from sources out side the organization it is called recruitment from out side resources. The advantage and disadvantage of out side sources as just opposite of the advantage and disadvantage of the recruitment from inside sources.

Now the point is that what sources HRM will use to do recruitment of employees. It depends upon the policy of recruitment adapted by the organization. In many cases management tries to structure a balance between the inside and out side sources. • Selection:

After the step of recruitment is over HRM goes to make final selection to the employees. So, HRM determine a sound procedure of a selection. Thus, Selection can be defined as the process through which recruited candidates or employees are minutely screened to make final selection. ➢ Detail Procedure of selection:

Selection procedure consists of the following steps:
a. preliminary interview:
In this step candidates are asked to meet the receptionist of HRD to have an interview. Through this interview incumbent candidate can gather first hand information that is not clearly given in the advertisement. Similarly through this interview the receptionist can get information about the incumbent candidate. Now after this interview receptionist can determine properly eager candidates to collect appropriate application blank from the HRD. The candidates are asked to fill in and deposit it to HRD. b. Filled in application blank:

After the collection of application blank the candidates asked to fill in it and deposit to the office. This application blank is prepared by HRM. After receiving the filled in application blank HRM sort them out. Finally HRM determines the list of the appropriate candidates. These candidates are asked to appear at the employment. c. Employment interview:

Employment interview is the most important steps in the...
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