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Sherese Joseph
Plymouth State University
Human Resources in Healthcare
Assignment 2
The Society for Human resources Management has come up with a list of essentials that contribute to the success and effectiveness of the organization which every Senior HR- leader should know. These essentials have been called the core senior HR leadership competencies. There are 18 of them and each is very important but I will highlight the top 5 competencies that I think are important and why. Effective communication: This one is key in my opinion. Nothing else can occur smoothly without effective communication on all levels. This is a basic, the groundwork for everything else. A leader who can convey messages as well as actively listen is more valuable than anything else. Critical and Analytical thinking: This is another very important quality. This is the ability to seek out information as bits and pieces of a puzzle and put the entire big picture together, inform others and make effective decisions. Cross-Cultural Intelligence: With the growing diversity and variety in the work place, a leader who is sensitive to the many needs and characteristics of different cultures, racial groups and even religions is quite important. I would list this as my top five simply because a leader who lacked this quality could be quite detrimental to the organization. Integrity: This one should go without saying. We would hope that no matter in what field we work or at what level in that field, the persons with whom we work are honest and loyal. This quality is invaluable and sometimes quite hard to find. Integrity cannot be taught or learned but is usually innate. HR Knowledge: Lastly, but not least, a good sound working knowledge of the field is very critical. Understanding the strategic functions and processes is a must in an HR leader. He/ she must know their department inside- out. Human Resources Planning is identifying and determining an organizations’ needs and open areas for human...
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