Human Resources for Riordan Manufacturing

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Human Resources for Riordan Manufacturing
Being a fortune 1000 enterprise and leader in the area of plastic injection molding, Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. has gained international praise on producing new and improved plastic designs with their “state of the art design capabilities.” (Virtual Organization) Riordan Manufacturing’s facilities are located in San Jose, CA; Albany, GA; Pontiac, MI; and Hangzhou, China. Some of their products include: plastic drink containers (GA), tailor-made plastic parts (MI), and plastic fan parts (China). All research and development is done at their corporate office in California. With these resources Riordan Manufacturing can implement most any needs a company may have. The Human Resource department of Riordan Manufacturing has been running the HRIS system for 13 years in which it has organized the necessary information of employee demographics. This system is a low technology system that relies primarily on paper forms and filing systems. The HRIS system tracks the following, personal information, pay rate, personal tax exemptions, hire date, seniority date, organizational information (manager, department, etc.), and vacation hours. The system also sets forth policies to govern who handle different aspects of employee management and where certain data is stored. Any change to information is to be submitted on a special form by the employee's manager who then turns it over to a payroll clerk for entry to the system. This system inherently has a few problems with it. First, you have the fact that none of the data is stored centrally in one location and therefore are not easily accessed by an outside department. For example an employees' file is kept with their respective manager preventing a human resources employee from accessing it easily if needed. Secondly, as prescribed previously if a manager wants to change an employees' data such as a phone number, he or she must fill out a special form and submit that for the data to be entered by the payroll clerk. A lot of unnecessary work is created wasting a lot of time. Efficiency is also a factor as an employee may have to move from department to department trying to locate a specific file or form. Workers' compensation is handled by an outsourced organization preventing easy access to these records, which are stored at their location. To resolve these inefficiencies, Riordan Manufacturing will need to have a centralized computer based system which will allow for any person that is required to access specific pieces of data to be able to do so from their workstation. To do this, all information will need to be located in one location, perhaps on one centralized server and another one in another location as a backup but two key factors will need to be fulfilled so the Human Resources department will get the correct information. The first key factor is making sure that Riordan Manufacturing asks the right questions and this will keep the second key factor in getting the right information and not anything that could be false or not needed. (Satzinger, Jackson, Burd, & Johnson, 2004) Feasibility Analysis

As with any project, a feasibility analysis will need to be conducted before this project gets off its feet. The feasibility of this project will be beneficial because if a manager needs to make a change to an employees' personal information, that manager can do so by logging into the system and making the change or performance reports will be filled out in the system along with any other employee data that is stored in their file allowing for anybody with the proper access to easily obtain the information. This will also prevent loss of the information and to provide a more secure environment. It is suggested to handle workers' compensation within our own organization or for the outsourced company to provide us with the records so that they can be tracked in our own system. After this project has been in operation for some time, Riordan...
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