Human Resources Essay

Topics: Employment, Human resource management, Affirmative action Pages: 4 (1205 words) Published: May 2, 2013
How can the key influences on human resources impact the human resources strategies utilised by businesses? (use EY and other case studies to support your response, remember about 1000-1200 words)

1.0 Executive Summary
This report aims to describe the cause and effect of key influences on the human resource strategies utilised by businesses’. The influence include Stakeholders, Legal, technological and social Ethical Corporate Responsibility. These influence impact strategies such as Leadership design, rewards management, recruitment and workplace disputes. This report will use the case studies of Ernst and Young, Teds Camera Store and theoretical scenarios because of their relevance to the human resource management and application to key influences and strategies.

2.0 Stakeholders
3.1 Employers
Employers are the stakeholders responsible for management of recruitment and HRM in a business. They impact the strategy of job design and recruitment. In job design, employers are responsible for identifying traits and characteristics, hence impacting the type of candidates that apply for certain roles. Similarly, employers are responsible for choosing the most appropriate candidate for the job, hence impacting the quality of employees. An example of this is in EY where they aim to employ motivated staff. If Employers do not fulfil their role, the percentage of staff turnover may increase hence impacting their financial position (Costs of training and employment).

3.2 Employee
A strategy that is affected by employees is the type of leadership style management must adopt in order to meet strategic objectives. An example of this is in Ted’s camera store in which the

E.g. Teds Camera Store aims to turnover more than the previous year. In order to increase productivity and cost efficiency management must adopt an directive leadership style. Employees also impact the training and development strategy by having many requirements for their...
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