Human Resources

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All large companies need a human resources department. The human resources will help a company run smoother and effective on the labour side of things. Without this a business would collapse straight away because there would be no one to sort out who will work, at what times, when the staff will get paid, or if staff has problems with other members of staff.

What do the Human Resources department?

Staff planning and skills auditing
The human resources department need to monitor the organization staffing need and providing it for them. This involves detailed planning the skills and expertise of the work force and designing staff development programmes for existing employees.

Recruitment and personal selection
Devising and maintaining a recruitment policy that ensures a continuity of supply of appropriate personnel in all parts of the business. Advertising for, selecting and interviewing new staff (with co-operation of other department.

Staff training and development
Staff need to participate in an ongoing programme of personal development in order to grow and maintain their jobs interest and develop business and personal skills. The organizations also need to ensure that its workforce is also to date and responsibility to challenges of chance in order to survive. Within The Kapasi Factoring Group they have two levels of training, advanced and foundation. When the foundation level in complete the co-worker receives an increase pay of 25 pence. The foundation training includes knowing things like health and safety, department specifics, 1-day the Kapasi Factoring Group way training, and much more. When first measured the at the foundation level the success factors are rated individually, based on how often the co-worker demonstrated the behaviours; this can be ‘all of the time', ‘most of the time, ‘some of the time' or ‘rarely/never'. The co-worker would then receive an overall rating based on the individual ratings. Everyone who achieves foundation level to the required level is eligible to work towards Advanced level. The difference between foundation level and advanced level training is that in the foundation level the manager looks for evidence of the achievement. At advanced level, you have to provider evidence of you achievements. The co-worker is expected to take responsibility of there own development and to determine that pace at which you acquire new skills and abilities. The co-workers also have to compile a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate positive behaviours. Again if the co-worker successfully passes this level they are again given a further 25 pence pay increase.

Staff appraisals and performance review
Devising and maintaining the system that assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each member of staff, usually annually and often related to pay scales and bonuses. Within The Kapasi Factoring Group, a yearly review is taken with the store manager and the co-worker. This would be an opportunity to discuss the co-workers "feelings" about the job, the training the co-worker has participated in and any development needed by him/her. These are all measured against success factors that the manager and co-worker discuss on

Industrial relations
Liaison with trade unions or employee representatives on behalf of management usually related to pay and conditions of service Personnel /human resources will also look after procedures of handling complaints and grievances and disciplinary measures. Also issues like voluntary and in voluntary retirement schemes as wee ad the termination of contract employees therefore human resources staff need to be experts industrial and employment law.

Employment conditions analysis
Human resources examine or make regular analysis of local and national labour market trends in order to keep competitive. They look at the ‘going rate for the job and how it changes according to locals and national circumstances and generally keep up abreast of...
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