Human Resources

Topics: Employment Pages: 6 (1112 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Terri Sleeth
OMM618: Human Resource Management
Instructor: Maja Zelihic
March 17, 2014

Staffing Page 1 When we hear the word staffing, we normally think of temporary jobs or medical issues. Staffing can be an issue in all work forces. Many times employees are given third rate equipment and expected to do first rate work. This can be quite frustrating for employees. In this scenario we will examine the issues of the employees and how to achieve a better work force. There are several ways to look at this scenario; the employees are having difficulty with the tones they are producing for the cell phones. There could be a training issue in that the employees are not sure of how to produce the correct sounds or it may be faulty equipment. Let’s take it as a training issue and view what can be done to resolve the issue. First this author would call the employees together and speak with them about the tones being returned, asking them if there is a problem with their equipment or what stumbling blocks are in their way. Many times this can open the door to bring issues employees are afraid to address to light and help the employees open up. If this is a training issue then we can being a new training program or look into what issues in the training module need to be addressed. Training is a vital part of employment and it can make or break an excellent employee. Training practices used by organizations may have an effect, direct or indirect on both employee motivation and organizational commitment. Organizational commitment is defined as "... the relative strength of an individual's identification and involvement in a particular organization". In order to equip their employees with the skills necessary to do their job, companies train them, in an effort to optimize their workforce's potential. (Sahinidis & Bouris, 2008) Making sure an employee receives the proper training to Staffing Page 2 be successful at their job should be a manager’s utmost importance. However, many companies as we have all learned seem to take training as a minimal necessity. You can have excellent employees eager to do their job, but without the proper training, you have excellent employees frustrated that they are unable to do their jobs properly. The staffing issues are a little more difficult to access. We do not know how many neither employees we have, nor do we know how long any of these employees have been employed by the company, or what training they have received or if this is the only position they have held. Staffing with the appropriate employees is a key point to a successful company, but the most important fact is making sure the employees are up to par on the training and understand their jobs to the fullest. If the employees are frustrated of burned out they lose focus and lose interest in their jobs. Keeping morale up with a possible incentive plan could help with staffing issues as well. Job satisfaction is critical to maintaining an engaged work force. A 2005 report of the Conference Board shows that a growing number of employees are unhappy with their jobs. Dissatisfaction crosses all ages and income levels. According to the survey, just more than half of all workers earning more than $50,000 are satisfied with their jobs. However, only 14 percent are very satisfied. Of those earning less than $15,000, about 45 percent are satisfied. (Kimball & Nink, 2006) In other words, you can staff your department with employees that are eager to do their jobs, eager to learn, but if the training is poor or the equipment they use is less than needed it can deplete their focus and their ambition. Not...

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