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Human Resource Management


Human Resources
Human resource management (HRM) entails the effective utilization of human resources within an organization by managing people or employee-related activities. HRM is a comprehensive and strategic approach for managing employees and the work place environment and culture. The human resource department plans, directs, and coordinates the administrative undertakings in an organization. The department also oversees the recruiting process that involves carrying out job analysis, advertises vacancies, screening or interviewing, hiring new staff, orientating, and offering training to job applicants. Human resource managers discuss with top managers concerning strategic planning and overall organization development (Alagaraja, 2013). They also provide a link between employees and a firm’s management. The department deals with employee compensation, safety, well being, employee motivation, benefits, and communication. The managers evaluate employee performance, and resolve disputes within organizations.

Human resource development (HRD) is the branch of human resource management, which specifically focuses on developing and training employees in an organization. HRD represents a framework that assists employees in developing their knowledge, abilities, and organization and personal skills.HRD encompasses opportunities such as career development, employee training, and performance development and management (Alagaraja, 2013). Other activities include mentoring, coaching, tuition assistance, succession planning, organization development and key worker identification. The activity allows existing organization employees to acquire new skills. It also concentrates on distributing resources, which benefit employee tasks and other organization developmental activities.

Organizations need to develop their human resources in order to fit within the ever-changing workplace environment. HRD enables firms to become growth oriented. The human resources in organizations possess unlimited potential capacities. Organizations can exploit the potential by creating an environment that identifies, nurtures, and utilizes employee capabilities on a continuous basis. HRD system focuses on creating an environment that supports employee training and advancement (Alagaraja, 2013). Career development assists in improving individual, teams and organizational effectualness. HBR channels efforts towards advancing the best talents to enable firms and individual employees to achieve their work objectives in providing services to customers.

Both HRM and HRD are essential management concepts that deal specifically with human resources in organizations. The two functions share a similar field of operation, and advance the same goal of managing employees in organizations.The two fields recognize that matching employees to the dynamic organization requirements. Developing and placing the right employees for specific jobs is among their most vital role. HRD and HRM strategies stem from the overall business strategy. The key function of HRM is improving employee efficiency in an organization (Alagaraja, 2013). HRD’s main function involves payment management and employment laws.HRM mainly plays a maintenance oriented function while HRD focuses on development oriented activities that include employee advancement and development of the entire organization.The resource managers handle HRM responsibilities while managers at different organization levels manage HRD responsibilities. HRM motivates employees by offering rewards or monetary incentives (Alagaraja, 2013). HRD emphasizes on motivating individuals by meeting higher-order needs. The organization structure within HRM is independent, but HRD creates an inter-related and interdependent structure. HRM focuses on building a dynamic culture while HRD...

References: Alagaraja, M. (2013). HRD and HRM Perspectives on Organizational Performance A Review of Literature. Human Resource Development Review12(2), 117-143.
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