Human Resource Recruitment and Information System

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Apple Inc E-Recruitment |
By Atchar Suwattanathum : Student no. 08837612


Lecturer’s Name:
Asher Rospigliosi, Clare Millington,
Maura Sheehan and Sian Eggert

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Date Due: 15st April 2010 17:00 PM
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Executive Summary

This report approach basic knowledge, techniques, theories and statistics in human resource recruitment and information system to access the most proper solution for E-Recruitment system implementation of Apple Inc. The advantages and disadvantage of E-Recruitment was used to be information in order to determine alternatives.

The most admire company of business people like Apple Inc generally face with massive information of applicants that impact to human resource management in recruitment problem. The traditional and manual recruitment system cannot properly deal with the quantity because of limitations itself. The most proper alternative and characteristic of Apple’s E-Recruitment are evaluated in every stage of implementation. Pre-Implementation evaluate in project selection, feasibility study, analysis, design and construction. Implementing timeline is the major concern in Implementation stage and Post-Implementation concerns with user’s feedback, reviewing project result, monitoring dual phased process between new and old software.

With all aspect possibility evaluation of Apple’s E-Recruitment project, Apple Inc is able to use its core competency in computer and software market leader improve and develop organization’s current E-Recruitment system by creating its own in house software to solve the problem of massive application in order to select potential candidates with least time consuming.

Table of Content

Executive Summary2
2.Human Resource Management - Recruitment and Selection6
3.Human Resource Information System in E- Recruitment7
3.1 Trend of recruitment platform7
3.2 Advantages of E-Recruitment8
3.3 Disadvantages of E-Recruitment9
4.Current recruitment system11
4.1 Critical Apple’s recruitment system12
5.Recommendation and Implementation13
5.1 Pre-Implementation stage13
5.2 Implementation stage19
5.3 Post-Implementation stage20

List of Tables

Table1: Estimating yearly cost saving of Apple’s E-Recruitment software15 Table 2: Success criteria weighting of Apple’s E-Recruitment16

List of Figures

Figure 1: Apple website11
Figure 2: Apple E-Recruitment platform17
Figure 3: Example of Link software18

1. Introduction

Apple Inc is the world best-known company for personal computer that was established by partner college dropouts in USA; Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976. Just two year later, Apple Inc became one fastest growing company in USA with Macintosh software. From 1989 to 1991 it was the golden age for Macintosh (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2010); however, due to high price in production, unrealistic marketing plan and departure of founder, Steve Job and many Apple executives in 1985 including Microsoft continued gain personal computer market share by Windows during 1991 to 1993, these reasons brought Apple depth into the Dark Age. Until returning of Steve Jobs in 1996 from acquisition with NeXT, he restructured Apple’s company strategy by emphasizing in differentiation strategy. As wildly recognize that Apple’s products are outstanding in design and innovate leading which were prove from the successful of the introduction of new product lines; for example, The introduction of iPod in 2001that was phenomenally achievement in portable music players market with sale volume over 100 million units within six years. In addition, Apple aggressive competed into mobile market with iPhone which was launched on June 2007 and dramatically successful. Apple has current three main product lines; iMac, iPod, and iPhone which were produced...
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