Human Resource Planning in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh: a Comparative Study Between Public & Private Bank

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People are the most valued asset of the organization, be it private or public, human resources are endowed with such uncommon qualities as creativity, problem solving ability and they can be motivated, they can as a team. (Akkas 2000:20)

People have synergetic power. Synergy means the whole is grater than the sum of its parts. Many countries have achieved robust economic success by utilizing its human resources properly take the cases of Japan & Korea (Dr. Faruq Ahmad strategic Human Resource Management: Linking Human Resource Management with Corporate Strategy. Business year Book 2002, Page-614) “ Business leaders recognizes the value of their employees to the future of their organization. Increasingly competitions in the world markets is becoming based on the skills and abilities of people not machines.” (Fred H. Maidment/2003:7)

In the era of ‘Human Capital’, A study on “Human Resource Planning in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh: A Comparative Study between Public & Private Bank” has gained importance in recent years due to the performance of employees and executives of both public and private banks.

Economists now a days use ‘Capital’ in a broader term, which in addition the physical capital (Natural resources, basic infrastructure), also includes human capital. The education and training of workers is called ‘human capital’ (Taifur Reza Sharif, Assistant Professor (International University Bangladesh-Human Resource Development (HRD): in theory and practice-Journal of Business Administration Vol 25, No. 3 & 4, July & October 1999) by economist to emphasis its similarity to physical capital in the process of a country’s growth. So a study on human resource planning in the Banking Industry comes as priority.

Since Bank in a modern day society, almost everywhere plays multifarious role which includes unifying and intermediary roles between the fund supplying and fund demanding sides of the society, executing savings and investments functions which are construed as “playing key role in the economy”, while working under the principles of profitability and productivity, are obliged to obey certain ethical principles of the banking profession and organizational ethics. (A.K. Foyezal Hoq, The Weekly Holiday, 31 October, 2003)

It is acknowledged that bank plays a pivotal role in the development of a country through their role as financial intermediaries.

On the other hand, Bank is simply not a business in Bangladesh. it is the principal way to conglomerate all inhabitants of area under the network of economic development through Banking services. Public Sector Banking introduced allover the country to reach bank services to the doorstep of the masses to enable them to participate in the economic development of Bangladesh. The objective was to eliminate poverty from their personal and social life through employment generation and assistance from banking in trade and commerce. The peoples of Bangladesh were lacking expertise to some extent to manage big enterprises having problem of monuments dimensions after the liberation was resulting in mismanagement, inefficiency, wastage and corruption. All these consequences created a blockade in the economy. As a result alternative institution Banks in private sector became imperative. So both the sector in Banking came up. This study endeavors to Human Resource Planning in the banks. Because Human Resource in an important corporate asset and the overall performance of companies depends upon the way it is put to use. In order to realize company objective, it is essential to have a manpower plan. (V.S.P. RAO-Bank Management Chapter-9 Manpower planning in a bank). Manpower planning or Human Resource Planning is essentially the process of getting the right number of qualified...
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