Human Resource Planning at CIA

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Chapter 2
Human Resource Planning at CIA

2.1 Human resource planning

Human resource planning is the process of analyzing and identifying the need for and availability of human resources so that the organization can meet its objectives. It ensures that the organization has the right number of employees in the right place at the right time so that critical HR planning problems can be solved as and when they occur. It includes integration of human resource planning with business strategies, utilization of human resource in a cost-effective and efficient manner and estimation of demand of supply of human resources.

Candid International Academy typically has adopted soft approach in HR planning. This soft approach of HR planning is directed to achieve to utilize human resources, estimate demand and supply of human resources along with the activities targeted in increasing employee creativity, introducing flexible work system and enhancing innovativeness of the employees.

Soft Approach of HR at CIA
2.2 HRP Process:

It is the process of anticipating future business and environmental demands on an organization and attempting to provide a sufficient number of people required to fulfill those demands. The company has typically adopted following five phases in the process of human resources planning. These five stages includes environmental analysis, determining HR objectives and policies, human resource forecast, action plan and control and evaluation. It can be shown in the diagram below:

HRP Process

2.2.1 Environmental Analysis:
This includes an analysis of the external and internal analysis in order to find out the internal strengths and weakness on the one hand as well as external threats and opportunities on the other. These four factors analysis are listed below:

* Experienced
* Knowledge of subject matter
* Good rapport with students and parents
* Passionate, caring, motivated and have humor
* Desired and directed to work in a team
* Career as a teacher

* Difficult to engage all the students of a class all the time in class activities * Lack of motivating power to the students
* Proper management of classrooms
* Lack of preparation of lesson plan and using supportive materials for teaching * Lack of time management
* Absence of regular checking of assignment given to students

* School paying better salary as well as other financial benefits to staffs in the local area of this VDC and surrounding VDC * Availability of staffs of diverse culture
* Backing of local people
* Dedicated and loyal parents to teachers and school
* Availability of staffs at lower pay

* Political instability and time to time strikes
* Higher switching rates of staffs and teachers
* Several demands of teachers’ union and associations
* Large numbers of schools within small range of area

2.2.2 Determining HR objectives and policies:
It is the determination of human resource skills, abilities and potential necessary for the organization so that the objective of the organization can be effectively fulfilled in cost effective and efficient manner. CIA typically aims to provide quality education and hence require the human resources having the following caliber and potential: * Excellent in corresponding subject manner

* Good communication skills
* Good Nepali and English writing skills
* Basic computer skills
* Commanding and ability to conduct several extra-curricular activities

2.2.3 Human resource forecast:
The human resource forecast consists of demand forecasting and supply forecasting as well as determining human resource requirements for the future in the organization in terms of the number of employees needed and available, the skill mix requirement as well as internal and external supply. So, the demand forecasting and supply forecasting of the...
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