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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Reward system Pages: 4 (1403 words) Published: January 23, 2013
P3: Describe Taylor, Maslow and Herzberg theories. Give examples of rewards to show how FMG motivate employees based on each theory Motivating employee is an essential part of human resource management. Motivation means the influences on and within employees that encourage and sustain them to work at their highest ability, or they always have will to work. With the motivation, the extent to which employees can feel motivated in the workplace will often be influenced by the hospital’s culture and the reward the FMG’s manager use. Improving motivation will mean that employees are happier in their jobs, which will increase productivity and effectiveness of work. This result will lead to a better hospital image and the revenue will also be increased. In particular, in Family Hospital Group, with proper motivation, all employees will work hard with the highest progressive and responsibility spirit, then more people trust FMG and use FMG’s service, FMG’s image and profit go up subsequently. * Motivation theory of Taylor:

* Theory
In this theory, Taylor identified that money is a main motivation which has a big effect on working performance of the employees. He put forward the case that employees were only motivated by money and so work must be related to payment. A manager could motivate their employees by using payment as an encouragement and punish them with salary/wage deduction if they don’t work at their highest ability. This motivation theory of Taylor confirm that the more an employee works, the greater money they will be paid, and vice versa. This type of payment scheme is also called as “piece rate”, which means that the money the employee received will be calculated/based on the amount of wok they done. * Reward system of Family Medical Group

In Family Medical Group, the motivation can encourage the employees to do their task better and more efficiently. Taylor’s theory show that the best motivation is money, therefore, FMG can apply the reward,...
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