Human Resource Managment

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Recruitment Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Human Resource Management it is a relatively new approach in the business organization to managing people. It’s mainly a key source which helps in selecting and recruiting new people into new jobs. Human Resource Management is responsible for maintain good relations in the organization. The basic objective of Human Resource Management is that to under to find new employees for Organizations. As we see that according to me Human Resource Management is a new process which helps in finding new talent for Organisations. It acts likes a process of selection and recruitment. The Selection and Recruitment process come under Staffing. In Recruitment where there are two types of recruitment internal and external recruitment it means that the process of attracting new individuals with proper qualification to apply within organization. Selection means choosing from a group of applicants the individual best person for particular Job. According Amy Ress Anderson it is very important for Multinational companies to put right people for right job to become successful organization without new talent which is not possible. The new talent helps to seek new ideas with innovation which comes from the individuals if a new investor wants to start-up new business then new products have to be launched like Orabrush from being a simple product it became very popular due to the reason it was marketed in YouTube and also made ecommerce brands. This was basically which came from Right Person at Right job it provides innovation to the organization. I believe in that Human Resource Management it very important for organization which gives them talented and efficient employees which provide company profits from many ways and it’s necessary for companies to be a part of HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGMENT.
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