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This essay has been written by a regular student and is *not* an example of our own work. If you would like your own custom essay written just for you by one of our professionals then click here to learn more. Human resource management (HRM) is that part of management process which makes, enhances, manages and develops the human element of the enterprise measuring their resourcefulness in terms of talents, abilities, total skills, creative, knowledge, and potentialities for effectively contributing to the organizational objectives. Human resources are precious and a source of competitive advantage. Human resources may be tapped most effective by mutually standard policies which promote promise and foster an inclination in employees to act flexibly in the interests of the adaptive organization’s pursuit of excellence. Human resource policies can be joined with planned business and used to reinforce appropriate culture. Human resources play a critical role in enabling the organization to effectively deal with the external environment challenges. The human resource management has been accepted as a strategic partner in the formulation of organization’s strategies and in the implementation of such strategies through human resource planning, employment, training, appraisal and rewarding the personnel. Strategic management of human resources facilitates creation of competitive advantage for the organization over its rival by building unique human resource based competence. An organization’s recruitment, selection, training, performance management process and compensation practices can have a strong influence on employee competence. Company output increase if the management can hire more experience well qualified candidate. Performance appraisal takes in account the past performance of the employees and focuses on their improvement for the future performance of the employees through counseling, coaching or training.

The human resource strategy of a business should reflect and support the corporate strategy. An effective human resource strategy includes the way in which the organization pans to develop its employees and provide them with suitable opportunities and better working conditions so that their optional contribution is ensured. This implies selecting the best available personnel, ensuring a ‘fit’ between the employee and the job and retaining, empowering and motivating employees to perform well in the direction of corporate objectives. Statement of Purpose

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) Organization, alternatively called as FMCG industry mainly deals with the production, marketing and selling of consumer packaged goods. The FMCG or “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” are those goods which are generally consumed at a regular interval by the consumers. FMCG industry has some of the main activities like financing, selling, purchasing, marketing etc. The industry also contributes or also involved in general management supply chain, operations and production. FMCG industry gives a variety of consumables and consequently the amount of money is very high which is circulated against FMCG products. Day by day the competition between the FMCG producers is increasing consequently the investment in FMCG industry is increasing. FMCG Sector in India is estimated to grow at a very high rate by 2012. PRIME FMCG PRODUCTS

Some general FMCG product categories include dairy products and food, drinks, coffee, tea, tobacco and cigarettes, glassware, paper products, pharmaceuticals, dry cells, electronics, prepacked food products, plastic goods, watches, greeting cards, soaps, printing and stationery, household products, detergents, photography, drinks etc.

In FMCG industry some of the features which made this organization as a strong distribution networks are small operational cost, as a prospective one, presence of renowned FMCG companies. Population growth is also one of the major factors...
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