Human Resource Management Paper

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Human Resource Management
The first stop at the place of employment on the first day of work is human resource management (HRM) office. Known in the past as the personnel department is now HRM; the place where contracts and all necessary documentation is processed before employment begins at the workplace. To some this is a friendly place and to other is threatening. Definition

To understand what human resource management means and does, it is necessary to begin with a definition of its terms: Human: of, relating to, or characteristic of humans, consisting of humans (Merriam-Webster). Resource: a source of supply or support; an available means usually used in plural; a natural source of wealth or revenue often used in plural; a natural feature or phenomenon that enhances the quality of human life; a source of information or expertise (Merriam-Webster). Management: the act or art of managing; the conducting or supervising of something (as a business); judicious use of means to accomplish an end; the collective body of those who manage or direct an enterprise (Merriam-Webster). From these definitions an idea of human resource management forms and can be states as: The art of conducting or supervising the source of supply or support of humans. The purpose obviously is to perform tasks assigned in exchange for a wage or salary during a specified period of time or shift. Primary function

HRM can be seen as the welcoming door to the company for new employees, but it represents much more than that. As part of the organization, HRM deals with the changes in the world affecting the company and its employees. Preparation is constant in this fast-paced world to cope with the newest changes in globalization, technology, workforce diversity, and labor shortages (DeCenzo 2007 p4). In today’s world, skill requirements are constantly changing and the improvement of the workforce is also continuous. HRM is responsible for overlooking the fulfillment of these needs in...

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