Human Resource Management of Bashundhara Group

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1.Human resource management is the policies and practices involved in carrying out the people or human resource aspects of a management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding and appraising (Dessler and Verkkey,2010-2011).Many believe that the modern day fields of organizational behavior and human resource management grew out of the behavioral science (Anthony, Perrrewe and Kacmar, 1996). By understanding how an organization changes as it grows, it is possible to understand how human resource management must change (Baird and Meshoulam, 1988). The HR function and its processes now must become a strategic player (Beatty and Schneier, 1997). In a simple language Human Resource Management (HRM) may be defined as managing human elements (such as employers, employees, owners, workers) who are directly involved with the organization to achieve organizational goals and objects. These human elements are considered as the resources because they contribute themselves for the organization and the society as a hole.


2.The main objective of this study is to examine the awareness and knowledge of employees about the existing Human resources policy in Bashundhara Group. More specifically the study is intended to achieve the following objectives:

a.To show a concrete overview of HRM practices of the Bashundhara Group. b.To find out the employees’ view about HR policy of Bashundhara Group. c.To determine the problems of HRM practices of the Bashundhara Group. d.To recommend necessary steps to overcome such problems.


3.Sources of Primary Data The sources of primary data are face to face interview, Questionnaires survey and communication with other respective personnel of Bashundhara Group. For this study, I have taken interview of some upper and middle level managers and field people through questionnaire to find out their view and awareness about HR policy and practices. I developed questionnaire of 20 questions (two different types) to get employee feedback and overall satisfaction level about the existing HR policy which were circulated to 20 employees of the company 4.Sources of Secondary Data The sources of secondary data are annual report, relevant Papers & publications, extensive literature search on the basis of these documents of publication.


5.Due to the shortage of time I could not get at depth knowledge of HRM practices of Bashundhara Group. The limitations I faced are:

a. Non availability of data
b.Some personnel of Bashundhara Group are not interested to provide useful information. c.Most of the information about the topic relevant in this purpose was secret from the point of view organization. So this kind of information could not be collected. d.Improper combination among various departments

e.Up-to-date information were not available
f.Sufficient records, publications, facts and figures are not available. These constraints narrowed the scope of the real analysis. g.For the reason of confidentiality, some useful information cannot be expressed in this report. h.Time is a limitation that would mostly narrowed my way of working.

6.Bashundhara Group is one of the leading groups of company of Bangladesh. ‘For the people, for the country’ with this motto the group has got 20 major concerns ongoing at present. Initially in 1987, the group launched its first company as “East West Property Development Limited’ in real estate sector. After its grand success, Bashundhara geared up to invest in new fields, including manufacturing and trading. More enterprises were established in the early 1990s, covering diverse activities involving the production of cement, paper and pulp, tissue paper, steel, LPG bottling and distribution, foods and beverage, media etc. Bashundhara city shopping centre has added glamour to its fleet. Most of its projects have been success stories. The group...

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