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Performance Appraisal

Unit – 6

1)Performance appraisal is done for
a) administrative purposeb) employee development
c) programme assessmentd) all the above

2)Performance appraisal emphasizes on
a) to create & maintain satisfactory level of performance b) to meet individual development needs
c) to help superiors to have proper understanding about subordinates d) all the above

3)The appraiser may be
a) manager or supervisorb) the employers peer
c) self appraisald) all the above

4) Good performance appraisal system should be_________
a) reliableb) validc) standardizedd) all the above

5) Find the odd one:
a) unstructured personb) straight ranking method
c) grading methodd) MBO method

6) In which method of performance appraisal – does “whole man” is compared with another “whole man”. a) Straight ranking methodb) 360 degree appraisal
c) grading methodd) check list method

7) Man-to-man comparison method is otherwise called as ______ a) factor comparison methodb) check list method
c) 360 degree appraisald) none

8) Free essay method emphasizes on ________
a) job knowledgeb) potential of employees
c) employee relationsd) attitudes & perceptions & all the above

9) The process where the interviewer prepares questions in advance is called as ______ a) field review methodb) straight ranking method
c) check list methodd) none

10) BARS is the combination of the rating scale & ________
a) critical incident techniquesb) appraisal method
c) a & bd) none

11) The steps involved in constructing BARS are ______
a) identify critical incidentsb) retranslate the incidents c) identify/select performance dimensionsd) producing the final instrument A) a, c, b, dB) a, d, b, cC) a, b, c, dD) none

12)MBO was introduced by ______
a) Peter Druckerb) Peter Phinesc) Edwin Flippod) none

13) MBO throws light on ________
a) mutual goal settingsb) frequent individual performance review c) effective goal settingd) all the above

14) MBO process is carried by ________
a) set organizational goalsb) feed back
c) performance reviewd) defining performance targets
A) a, d, b, cB) a, d, c, bC) a, b, c, dD) none

15) Assessment center method was introduced by ________
a) US army b) Indian armyc) German armyd) none

16) Human Resource Accounting deals with _______
a) Cost & contribution of HRb) Cost & contribution of manager c) Cost & contribution of top managementd) all the above

Post Appraisal Analysis
Unit – 7

1)Performance appraisal is needed for ________
a) fixation of salaryb) evaluating the effectiveness of training & development c) SWOT analysisd) all the above

2)’Halo effect’ is _______
a) Leniencyb) central tendency errorc) praised approachd)none

3)The tendency to allow the assessment on one trait to influence assessment on others is a) Halo effectb) Recency effectc) personal prejudice d) none

4) ‘Similarity error’ refers to _______
a) making mistakes incidentallyb) accidentlyc) a & bd) none

5) ‘Encouraging & rewarding accurate appraisers will lead to better results’. a) totally agree b) disagreec) totally disagreed) none

Human Resource Policies

Unit – 8

1)Policy refers to_____________
a) plan of actionb) plan of programmesc) plan of futured)none

2)Policies are generally framed by _______
a) board of directorsb) board of membersc) managersd) none

3)“Policies constitute guides to actions”- are the words of _________ a)Calhoonb)Edwin Flippoc)Peter Druckerd)none

4)HR policies provide –
a) determined course of rules/actionsb) positive declaration c) command to an organizationd) all the above

5)HR policy is influenced by__________
a)laws of the countryb) social values
c) command to an organizationd) all the above

6)HR policies are based on ______
a) principle of common...
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