Human Resource Management Individual Assignment

Topics: Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Pages: 4 (1332 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Human resource management Individual Assignment
Leung Wai Yin 1055 5066
1. To review organizational objectives and strategies, there are two ways. Scan external environment for labor supply change and assess internal workforce. We can use PEST to find out what opportunities and threats that Cathay Pacific has. In the Political side, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department has set up many confine that every international flag carrier in Hong Kong. If the international flag carrier can’t pass through those confine, the international flag carrier can’t set up in Hong Kong. It shows that Cathay Pacific has pass through all of the confine, and it mean that Cathay Pacific have good quality. In the Economic side, now a day the world economic is increase fast, many people can go to travel around the world. The yield of Cathay Pacific has increase from 2009 and increase 3.5% million in 2012. The total Load factor of two airlines has increase 5.0% to 2011. Is show that there are more and more people want and have ability to go to other place to travel. Although the total Load factor of two airlines has increase, the load factor has decrease 0.3 percentage points to 80.1%. It shows that people may not want to ride Cathay Pacific to go to travel. If Cathay Pacific can take this change and review these economic threats, it can help Cathay Pacific become better. In the social side, Cathay Pacific has formulate many to help people who are in different culture, Cathay Pacific has set up different meal to people who have special need because of their culture, such as Vegetarian meal or Oriental meal. Also people who has health problem can choose the meal that fit of them, such as Bland meal or Diabetic meal. Also for the people who carried children with them, Cathay Pacific has set up baby meal and child meal for those children, also Cathay Pacific have some special assistance to children such as child restraint or child restraint seat to help the parent to keep their children. In...
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