Human Resource Management for Korean Shop

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Executive summary
Mr. Tong plan to open a Korean restaurant, as Human Resource Agency, he asked us to make a plan for his restaurant in terms of Human Resource Management.

According to HRM theories, we will do:
1. SWOT analysis of restaurant
2. Job analysis for all possible positions in the restaurant 3. Personnel planning, recruitment, selection plan
4. Training and development
5. Performance evaluation and control
6. Compensation
7. Performance motivation strategies

All of this analysis will be helpful for the restaurant, it has almost every information about human resource management and provide a way to manage so that Mr. Tong can make the decisions clearly.

Table of content
Executive summary1
SWOT analysis3
Job analysis for positions4
Personnel Planning, Recruitment, Selection Pan5
The processes of Recruitment and Selection6
Performance evaluation and control6
Performance motivation strategies9

With the popularity of Korean TV shows, Korean food is more and more popular in China, It has broad market, so Mr. Tong plan to open a Korean Restaurant in Hongmei Road, Shanghai. The restaurant will regard Korean TV shows as its theme and provide any food that we can see on the TV shows. What is more, the interior decoration of restaurant will be the same as the scene in TV shows, it create an environment that brings people into scene.

The market target of this restaurant should be young people who are enjoying Korean culture, especially young couples. They are interested in Korean culture, so they have consuming desires.

The products of this restaurant should include famous Korean food that includes kimchi, bibimbap, roast meat and so on. Its price position belongs to mass consumption. the average price should be about 50 that can be accepted by most people.

SWOT analysis
The strengths of the Korean restaurant is that there aren't many competitors in this realm of Korean cuisine. The new and exciting dining options will offer a healthy, organic, and distinctively unique alternative to the many unhealthy fast-food options currently available in the quick-service marketplace. There is an increased desire for a variety in dining options, and Asian-theme foods have become a mainstream trend over the past few years.

With the globalization of food and beverage culture, Korean cuisine is something fairly new to the American palette and should prove to be fairly successful with the traditional and interesting new dining option.

Also Korean cuisine is known for a balance of distinct flavors such as savory, sweet, spicy, salty, and sour, without the use of heavy sauces or oils. The foods are naturally fermented or cooked in a manner to retain as much of the natural nutrients as possible.

There are limited sources of competition in terms of Korean quick service restaurants to gauge the potential for success. There are the more established competitors of Asian quick service restaurants such as Panda Express offering Chinese quick service food and Yoshinoya offering Japanese quick service food.

These major competitors have been in business for decades upon decades and have proven themselves in the realm of quick service restaurant chains in the United States and Asia as well as internationally. It will take quite some time to promote Korean cuisine as a competitor against these giant quick service restaurant chains.

Korean Style is only a sole proprietorship until it can prove to be successful in order to expand and organize franchise operations, which may take years to initiate.

Korean food such as Barbecue and Kimchi becoming ever more popular.

Restaurant industry continues to grow as the need for families to delivery meals is rising due to the nature of their family roles and the changing traditional family roles.

Also more and more...
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