Human Resource Management: Dreamworks Animations

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Analysing and Design of Jobs
Performance Management
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With Jeffrey Katzenberg as their CEO, DreamWorks Animation’s business encompasses animated content creation for theatres and television as well as merchandising and licensing of their associated characters (Fixmer, 2013). DreamWorks Animation has been an exemplary example when it comes to keeping its employees happy at work, being voted 12th on Fortune’s 2013 top 100 best companies to work for (CNN, 2013). DreamWorks Animation goes through great measures in order to maximize the potential of their employees by ensuring that they are always motivated. By organizing regular special events such as movie screenings and family get-togethers, DreamWorks Animation acknowledges on ensuring work-life balance (Stanger and Groth, 2012). Jeffrey Katzenberg would also initiate communication with his employees daily through social media (Stanger and Groth, 2012). Apart from motivating the employees, this gesture removes the barrier between employer and employee, allowing effective communication. To encourage freedom and expression of creativity, the company allows employees to personalize workstations and create an environment which would maximize their potential (CNN, 2013). DreamWorks Animation depends heavily on their employees who will directly affect the quality of products. To ensure that DreamWorks Animation is able to meet organizational goals and gain a competitive edge over competitors such as Disney Pixar and Sony Entertainment, it is important that the right human resource management practices are being utilized to maximize the potential of the company and to create a high-performance work system. Such a system is achieved through human resource management by reacting to trends such as increase in emphasis of knowledge workers, empowerment of employees, and improving of teamwork (Noe, R.A. et al., 2014, pg.35). .

Analysing and design of jobs
For DreamWorks Animation whose main business focus is on the development and creation of animation using state-of-the art technology, this process requires technical knowledge and creativity from their employees in many different specializations. Therefore, it is imperative that job analysis and design of jobs must be done to match the right person to the right job and maximize the potential of the company. The first step is using work flow analysis to gain a better idea on what the work needs to be done is. This is achieved by first determining the products of DreamWorks Animation, followed by the work processes including activities required to produce it, and finally the inputs such as raw materials, equipment, and human resource (Noe, R.A. et al., 2014, pg.100). In the case of DreamWorks Animation, an animation is produced using state-of-the art technology by teams of experts in niched specializations from content creation up to licensing. After determining the work processes and inputs, the next step is to zoom in to the specific job roles and functions. Through the use of job analysis, DreamWorks Animation will be able to get more detailed information and understanding of the jobs in order to match it with the people which best fulfils its requirements (Noe, R.A. et al., 2014, pg.103). The company can get more information about certain job roles and requirements using the Fleishman job analysis system by asking existing employees to fill up surveys based on 52 categories of abilities (Noe, R.A. et al., 2014, pg.108). Having been in the job for a certain period of time and accumulating experience in the certain specialization, a 3-D modeller, for example, could advise on what kind of software knowledge is required by a prospective employee. Once the information is gathered, the next step is to create the job description which would list out the task, duties and responsibilities...
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