Human Resource Management and New Starters

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 Star Goup


The modern time is about change in variables existing in the environment that surrounds any organization. The corporate therefore has to plan the uncertainty in a limited time span focusing on training and development of staff ( Delahaya,2011,p.2). The most critical component for success of the organizations rest on how competent and knowledgeable their staffs are. Likewise the investment has to made on the human resource so that they are efficient and effective enough to reach the company goals.

HRDNI is a process that identifies the flaws in the incident that is happening in any organization. The main motive of HRDNI is to find out what is the defect that is preventing the organization to reach the target. Therefore HRDNI helps to identify the deviation between what is currently happening and what should be occurring. Star Group, a company which has a number of staffs to reach the goal of the organization has a global onboarding processes and the materials. It onboards new employees to the organization in order to make the entrants get familiar with the organization's culture. As HRDNI focuses on gap analysis to reach the standards of the organization, the modern concept believes that HRDNI should be future oriented and positive rather than being reactive and negative.

Star group therefore introduces Johnson & Associates to analyze the on boarding process to find out if the on boarding process is actually being effective to the new employees to get the overview of the organization. Like any growing company, Star group has faced many challenges in creating standard global processes and controls. Onboarding materials across the group reflect this, with the sites developing their own documents over a number of years. Consequently these artifacts vary greatly in style, branding, content, formatting and quality. Analysis of the process-related information and interviews with key stakeholders highlighted a number of "pain points'...
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