Human Resource Management and Apple Inc.

Topics: Apple Inc., Human resource management, Management Pages: 14 (5083 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The human resource department of Apple Inc. is responsible for the arrangement, organization, and streamlining the organizational staff to the current departmental and general objectives of the company. The role of the human resource department assumes a management role that plans, organizes, staffs, compensates, manages, trains and develops employees of the Apple Inc. The significance of the human resource department of any organization besides Apple Inc. is to ensure that performance of individual employees coincides with the organization’s objectives and goals. Through this undertaking, the proficiency of individual staff members improves through a set of personal and team values. Personal values that are crucial to the performance of an individual include respect to and honor of the organizational policies as well as superiors and colleagues. Values crucial to the organization in terms of team members include the ability to participate fully and willingly in teamwork projects and nurturing talent and skills for the benefit of the organization. On this note, it is important to introduce the human resource systems and practices through a background check of Apple Inc.’s profile in the computer business and software development. Considering that this research focuses on the professional activities of the Apple Inc.’s human resource, it would be wise to introduce Apple Inc. through a perspective of its performance history rather than its management and competition history. Apple Computer Inc. was founded on April 1, 1974 and was renamed to Apple Inc. in the year 2007. Initially, Apple Inc. was involved in the designing and manufacturing of computers only, depending on the type of market that was available at that period (1970s to 2001). Although computer business had a fair share of benefits, Apple Inc. was not all-round successful in marketing its products. Some of the products that Apple ventured into the computer business, which included the Apple I, II, III and the Macintosh, were not at the peak of success. Initially, Apple was operating as a local company only serving the U.S. markets. However, considering the demand and expectations of the customers, Apple reconfigured its designs and usability of its products – a move that improved Apple’s popularity. In regards to the efforts that Apple was keen on putting in the computer business, the market share of Apple expanded past the USA to include the UK and some Asian countries. Currently, Apple operates more than 350 stores worldwide and its popularity has been steered by identity products like the iSeries line of phones, online stores for computer and mobile applications, Apple TV, and several web developing tools like the Aperture. In terms of popularity, Apple is the leading vendor of handheld devices as well as top class personal computers. The popularity of Apple is not just theoretical, it is accompanied with annual revenue of more than $100 billion and profits of more than $20 billion since 2010. Apple employs about 60,400 employees to work in various departments like the software development, design and assembly, sales and marketing, and distribution chains. Company Information

Steve Jobs alongside Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Inc. under the objective of nurturing innovation in the computer business. Like any other company, the starting of Apple Inc. involved challenges of dealing with competition, winning the market share, unfavorable response from customers, lack of innovation, and lack of recognition by potential clients. With all these challenges acting against the ability of Apple to thrive in the computer business, strategic decisions of management were needed to overturn the trend Apple was resulting to – incurring loss after release of new products or not meeting its expectations. Some of the strategies involved a total overhaul of the management and the scrutiny of new employees in terms of innovation and level of creativity. As an...
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