Human Resource Management

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1. Major Categories of Human Resource Management Functions
a. Strategic Human Resource Management – The process of developing and implementing HR policies and practices that directly support the major objectives and competitive strategy of the organization.

b. Job Analysis – The process of obtaining and documenting information about the major responsibilities, duties, and tasks of each job in an organization, as well as the major types of knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job. c. Legal Compliance – The process of developing human resource policies and practices that meet the requirements of local, state, and federal laws. Staffing

a. HR Forecasting – The process of estimating (i.e., forecasting) labor demand and supply to meet an organization's operating needs.
b. Employee Recruitment – The process of assessing the make-up of the labor market and developing methods for contacting and communicating with job applicants in the market. c. Employee Selection – The process of assessing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of job applicants in order to make accurate hiring decisions. Development

a. Career Counseling and Planning – The process of obtaining relevant information from employees (such as personality traits, aptitudes, values, and job preferences) in order to assist in the planning of careers within an organization. b. Training and Development – The process of enhancing the knowledge and skills of employees in order to increase job performance and organizational effectiveness. Rewarding Employees

a. Wage and Salary Development – The process of developing internally and externally equitable wages and salaries for the jobs within an organization. b. Employee Benefits – The process of developing an effective and competitive benefits package in order...
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