Human Resource Management

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Part A (Each 15 Marks)

1) Describe the native and importance of employee selection. Explain briefly the steps involved in selection process => JUNE 2010.

2) How can Performance Appraisal be made more effective? Discuss => JUNE 2010.

3) Discuss the scope and significance of human resource
Management => JUNE 2010.

4) What are the objectives of human resources planning? Illustrate with examples the process of man power planning at the enterprise level => JUNE 2010.

5) What is internal and external recruitment? Explain with Examples. => JUNE 2010

6) Describe the role of socio-economic and political changes in Reshaping personnel management into Human Resource
Management. => JUNE 2009.

7) Explain the process of Job Analysis. . => JUNE 2009, JUNE 2007.

8) Define manpower planning and explain the steps involved in Forecasting the manpower requirements of a firm => JUNE 2009.

Part A (Each 15 Marks)

9) “Selection tests usually highlight the disqualifications of a Candidate rather than the suitability for the job”- Comment ⇨ JUNE 2009.

10) Explain the functions of Human Resource development and Their significance in achieving organizational efficiency. JUNE 2009.

11) What are the objectives of Training? Explain the advantages and limitations of Training. June 2008.

12) What is the need of performance Appraisal? Explain the Process of Performance Appraisal system => June 2008

13) Discuss in brief the various employee benefits. => June 2008

14) Describe the factors affecting selection decision. Explain The selection procedure of a modern company => June 2008

15) Discuss the objectives, scope and functions of Human
Resource Management => June 2008, June 2006, June 2005

16) Define Man power planning and explain the steps in Human Resources planning process. => June 2007.

17) Selection is a process of elimination. Discuss. => June 2007

18) Explain the Functions of Human Resource Development
And their significance in achieving organizational efficiency => June 2007

Part A (Each 15 Marks)

19) Discuss the various techniques of evaluation employees and Managerial performance. => June 2007

20) What is Human Resource Planning? Explain the steps
Involved in the human resource planning. => June 2006

21) What do you mean by training and development? Explain
The different methods of training the employees.
⇨ June 2006, June 2005.

22) What is Compensation? Describe the factors determining Employee compensation.=> June 2006, June 2005.

23) “Performance Appraisal is not merely for appraisal but is For accomplishment and improvement of performance”.
Discuss => June 2006.

24) Explain the different stages involved in the process of Human Resource Planning => June 2005.

25) Define Performance Appraisal. Explain the different
Methods of performance appraisal => June 2005

26) Explain the concepts of Human Resource Management and
Discuss the scope and functions of Human Resource Management in present context. => June 2004.

27) As a HR Manager of I.T. Company devise a suitable pay
Package for the company as the concerned company is
Experiencing high lab our turnover. . => June 2004

Part A (Each 15 Marks)

28) Discuss the process of managerial man power planning in Industry . . => June 2004

29) “Performance appraisal should be a two way street. Supervisor evaluate their subordinates and sub ordinates should evaluate their supervisors”. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss => June 2004.

30) What is Compensation administration? How can subjectivity be removed from compensation administration? =>...
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