Human Resource Management

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1. Introduction

1.1 Competitive Strategy

2. Discussion and Analysis

2.1 Training and Development

2.2 Performance Management

2.3 Pay Structure Decision

3. Conclusion

1. Introduction

BreadTalk Group Limited is founded as a food and beverage operator in Singapore on July 2000 and listed on the Singapore stock exchange in 2003. It has vastly expanded to become a distinctive household brand enterprise that has established its name on the international scale with its bakery, restaurant and food atrium footprints. Its portfolio comprises of several brands being BreadTalk®,Ramen Play, Din Tai Fung,Food Republic, The Icing Room, Toast Box and Carl’s Jr in China (Breadtalk, 2014). Bakery from BreadTalk contributed 52.2% to the total Breadtalk Group revenue, recorded sales of $158.1 million which also included franchise income of $21.1 million, an increase of 22.1% from 2009 onwards (Breadtalk, 2014). This was mostly contributed by expansion of outlets and partly driven by higher same store sales in Hong Kong and Singapore. Growth in franchise revenue was mainly attributed to increasing growth in royalty fees income in addition with expanding franchise brands on broader consumer based. The objective this report is to discuss and analyze BreadTalk current situation, its current strategies and to conclude on Breadtalk human resource strategy whether if it is affective.

BreadTalk Group Limited competitive strategy is mainly focus on differentiation strategy. BreakTalk has a manage to create a strong branding with differentiation with over 7 different brands to cater to a large number of food and beverage consumers . BreadTalk also has very creative product innovations led by a team of skilled culinary chefs to run the research and development department , which is a team comprised of chefs from Japan , Spain , Germany and France that has produce numerous recipes which has made some of BreadTalk most popular dishes and products example the famous pork floss bread which risen BreadTalk to fame.Besides being run by a team of experience managers with a diversified background of experience ranging from Finance to Food and Beverage led by the founder Dr. George Quek himself , BreadTalk group also has a strong partnership in Asia to penetrate and build its reputation in the Asian market which manages to penetrate the Asia market with ease from Asia to the Middle East .(BreadTalk,2014)

2. Discussion and Analysis

2.1 Training and Development

How does providing training and development skills to employees actually benefit an organization ? Training can improve and greatly increases an employees knowledge and understanding of foreign cultures and competitors which could benefit as they can work even closer with their foreign peers and understand different foreign cultures to produce goods which will cater to the business foreign consumers .Trainings could also ensure that employees have the necessary skills to work with the latest technology which could eventually speed up the productivity rate of the business as employees are well equipped with the knowledge in handling equipments .Trainings not only imparts knowledge to the employees as an individual but also as a team as well to improve employees working as a team closely to ensure effective teamwork producing good quality product and excellent service standard . Another benefit is how training can ensure a better understanding for employees towards the company's culture example , in the case of BreadTalk the company culture focuses on product innovation and creativity to differentiate its brands.( BreadTalk,2014)

An effective training can only be planned effort by an organization to accommodate the learning of employees which is a high leverage training that is linked to strategic business objectives that is supported by top management , relies on instructional designs model and set to the same level as to programs of...
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