Human Resource Management

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Question 1
Analyse how BASF, by adopting a strategic approach to human resource management, seeks to proactively provide a competitive advantage, through the company’s HRM practices. Every organisation is concerned with competing effectively in the global market. BASF’s mission and values are set out in the case study (Mancosa 2014:38) as follows: Mission: To increase the satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders. BASF makes sure that they add value, innovate to make customers more successful, drive sustainable solutions and forms the best team.“Each of these companies strives to make their customers more successful…”(Mancosa 2014:38). Values: The values stated in the case study (Mancosa 2014:38) are Creative, Open, Responsible and Entrepreneurial. It is clear that two strategies are being used in BASF namely Overall Cost Leadership as well as Differentiation.

Impact on HR practices
Overall Cost Leadership
(Noe et al,2012) defines Overall Cost Leadership as “…becoming the lowest cost producer in the industry” Skills requirement and investment in training (Mancosa,2014) states “…BASF Holdings (Pty) Ltd have invested approximately R3 million in training initiatives.”

Promote internally (Mancosa,2014) notes “…aim to promote pools of talent allowing it to fill positions from within…”

(Noe et al,2012) defines Differentiation as “…creating a difference between the organisation’s product and/or service at its competitors.” In the case study (Mancosa2014:38) six(6) entities are mentioned namely: BASF Holdings (Pty) LTd

BASF South Africa (Pty) Ltd
BASF Coatings (Pty) Ltd
BASF Coatings Services (Pty) Ltd
BASF Polyurethanes (Pty Ltd
BASF Construction Chemicals (Pty) Ltd

When it comes to growth pertaining to the company, BASF has a strong emphasis on training and development for their employees. By means of this training and development programmes employees’ talents are being promoted and can fill...
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