Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

1.1Define strategic human resource management4
1.2 Explain the importance of human resource management in organizations5 1.3 Analyze the framework of strategic human resource management6 1.4 Analyze the strategic human resource process7
2.2 Assess the roles in strategic human resource management9 2.3 Analyze the development and implementation of human resource strategies10 3.1 Identify a range of HR strategies for an organization11 3.2 Assess HR strategies and their application in an organization11 4. Identify contemporary issues affecting strategic human resource management12 Conclusion13


The new trend in human resource management is strategic human resource management. It is gaining popularity edging out the traditional human resource management. Strategic human resource is critical to the success of any organization because it is management that is tied to achievement of the broader goals and the objectives of the organization. Strategic human resource gives the firm competitive advantage in the industry within which it operates as it boosts the productivity of labor, which is oriented towards the long term, and short-term goals of the organization. In pursuit of strategic human resource management there is an obvious consequence, which is attainment of competitive strategies and improved firm performance. This is so because the essence of strategic management is its ability to influence the employee to develop an attitude that leads the organization into competitive edge and productivity. A firm cannot obtain growth and expansion which strategy that facilitates operations towards the objective.

3.1 Identify a range of HR strategies for an organization
There are a range of human resource strategies that are adopted by organizations in order to improve their business performance and their competitive strategies. First and foremost, the organization has resourcing strategy which ensures that the management puts in place proper human resource planning, maintains high retention rate of employees, and harness the immense talents of employees to the betterment of the organization. Secondly, there is the learning and development strategy which aims to give employees platform to engage in further training and career development. The other strategic human resource strategy is reward strategy. This strategy ensures that the employees are paid remuneration which is equal to the effort they put in the organization. Finally there is employee relation strategy which helps to ensure there is good rapport between management and employee. The employee relation strategy is achieved through having various communication channel and sound conflict resolution mechanisms (Legge, 2005 P.154). 3.2 Assess HR strategies and their application in an organization

Each organization exists in a unique industry and it is therefore prudent that each of the human resource strategies are applied uniquely depending on the industry. Industry such as manufacturing and construction industry are such that it is easy to measure employees input by physically looking at the work they have done over a given period of time. It is therefore easier for the management of the organizations in those industries to adopt reward strategy. This strategy ensures that the employees are paid remuneration which is equal to the effort they put in the organization, on the other hand, in most service industry such consultancy services it is not easy to measure employees input since input can only be assessed in terms of clients’ satisfaction (Price, 2011 P.89). Quantify client satisfaction and tying it to pay for employee is therefore almost impossibility. Other strategies are largely uniform across several organizations with only slight differences and hence they are applicable across organizations in...

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