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Evaluation of Recruitment Selection in Emirates Airlines

Human Resource is a term which is used for describing the single entity of the individuals who make the entire work force of any company or organization. Along with the organization, it can be applied for any business or for the entire nation. Human Resource can be considered as the function which is used for implementing and charging strategies in the organization. It has the responsibility of making the policies in relation with the student management.

Introduction to Recruitment Section

Recruitment section in the Human Resource Department is the one which is solely responsible for the recruitment of the employees in the company or the organization. It has the responsibility for hiring and firing of the employees. And also attracting all the prospective candidates for the right job at the right place and time. Its sets the final compensation of the employees and also whatever extra perks to be given to them. Recruitment Section is considered as one of the most important section of human resource.

Unlike what it was five years ago, the demands of the employees of every airline company has raised of its initial standards. As using airlines today has changed from being a luxury to a necessity, airline companies now are prospering at a much higher rate than what they used to a few years ago. It can be understood that an increased customer satisfaction in terms of both quality and quantity can take place only with an increased work delivered by the employees. This is the reason that the demands of the employees have also increased in a span of less than three years. Emirates Airlines had an advantage over other airline companies that its employees were convinced with lower salaries. Even the Indian and Pakistani expatriates were paid relatively lesser than what the other airlines paid their counterparts in western countries. Today, with the success of Emirate Airlines, this would not be feasible anymore. The top management of the company which includes the traditional sheikhs of the region would take time to be convinced by the fact that the employees’ salaries should be raised. In the meanwhile, one can see a high turnover rate in the company’s HR department. So, if one relates this to the two-factor theory of motivation, one would realize that the reasons which had caused immense satisfaction for the employees five years ago are the same for dissatisfaction today. There is certainly a drawback related to the employee appraisal policy which Emirates would have to work upon so that they can continue with their rising spree. As UAE has abundance of tourism inviting flight utility for wide stretches of time, the HR department would have to re-frame its strategies to reduce a high turnover rate, decrease absenteeism and most importantly sort out job dissatisfaction. (Maurice Flanagan's Emirates Airline: Flying High and Treating Customers like Sheikhs, 2007)

Justification for Choice of Project

As the employees are the backbone to customer satisfaction, therefore emirates should have a very good HR recruitment process, that will help them select good employees that will enhance the image of emirates and provides the best services to the customers, as the HR recruitment process is important so as the employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction i.e. knowing the reasons for employee dissatisfaction (or satisfaction as the case might be), and as emirates is one of the leading airlines of the world therefore it will need more and more workforce in the terms of cabin crews, ground staff, technical staff, pilots and other posts. Understanding the HR recruitment process of emirates airways would give a detailed understanding of the HR recruiting processes and the related advantages/disadvantages and other factors.

Specified and SMART objectives

The objective of this research is to find out the HR recruiting policies and processes in Emirates Airlines, and to...
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