Human Resource Management

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Summer 2013

Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 1

MB0043 – Human Resource Management - 4 Credits
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Q.1| Define Human resource planning (HRP). Explain the objectives and process of HRP? Human Resource Planning (HRP) can be defined as method of ensuring the right number of qualified people, in the right job at right time to bring the results in an efficient and effective manner.Objectives: * Explain the process of Human Resource Planning * State the need for HRP * List the HR forecasting techniques * List the factors responsible for the success of HR planning Process of Human Resource Planning:The process of Human Resource planning is one of the most critical, difficult and continuing managerial functions which, according to the Tata Electric and Locomotive Company (Now known as Tata Motors), “embraces organization development, Career consists of projecting future manpower requirements and developing manpower plans for the implementation of the projections.’Objectives of Human Resource Planning: * To maintain the required quantity of Human Resource required for an even and well organized functioning of the organization. * To forecast the turnover/attrition rates. * To plan to meet organizational human resource needs at the time of expansion or diversification.HRP may be rightly regarded as a multi-step Process, including various issues such as: * Deciding goals or objectives. * Estimating future organizational structure and manpower requirements. * Auditing human resources both internally and externally. * Planning job Requirements and job descriptions/person specifications. * Building a plan.HRP therefore is used for determining long term needs, rather than for momentary replacement needs. It has to take into account the career planning for individual employees and succession planning in the organization.Steps in Human Resource Planning:The basic steps of HRP include the following: * Considering the effect of organizational strategy and objectives on different units of the organization in terms of the human resource requirement. * Forecasting the manpower requirements of the organization by involving the line managers to decide and finalize the human resource needs of their respective department. Forecasting may be carried out using mathematical projection tools or Judgments. * Forecasting the quality and quantity of human resource required by each department/division. * Creating an inventory of present manpower resources. * Matching the current human resources position incumbents in the organization with the numbers required in future. * Developing an action plan to meet the future requirements in terms of addition or separation, in a planned and phased manner. It involves planning the necessary programs of recruitment, selection, training, developing, utilization, transfer, promotion, motivation and compensation to ensure that future manpower requirements are properly met. | Q.2 What are the factors affecting recruitment? What are the sources of recruitment? The recruitment function of the organisations is affected and governed by a mix of various internal and External forces, the internal forces or factors are the factors that can be controlled by the organisation. And the external factors are those factors which cannot be controlled by the organisation. The internal and External forces affecting recruitment function of an organisation are:

Internal Factors Affecting Recruitment:
The internal forces i.e. the factors which can be controlled by the organisation are: 1. Recruitment Policy:
The recruitment policy of an organisation specifies the objectives of recruitment and provides a framework for implementation of recruitment programme. It may involve...
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