Human Resource Management

Topics: Labour economics, Human resources, Employment Pages: 4 (1566 words) Published: March 8, 2013
P1: Describe the internal and external factors to consider when planning the Human Resources requirements of an organization.

The author picked John Lewis as a company to elaborate upon in this report. When looking into the company John Lewis they are uprising.
They expand and broaden their range of products and services. They sell products to upper and middle class customers.
John Lewis also has 28 department stores and 4 John Lewis at home stores. As well as the John Lewis department stores the partnership operates five Waitrose Food & Home stores combining the group's Waitrose supermarkets with some of the John Lewis division's non-food ranges. This means that John Lewis has a broad range of different shops which need different knowledgeable people there to work in this environment. Internal decisions and external event such as the ongoing competitive market which company's nowadays operate in can cause expenditure of the company's product and/or service range. There are a lot of companies who compete against John Lewis such as Marks and Spencer. Therefore they must enhance their company to stay as good and as known in the labor market as the other companies. The planning of Human resources involves looking at the current workforce skills and motivation techniques and comparing these with what is going on to be needed in the future. When looking into this subject one will find Internal planning factors and External planning factors. Internal planning factors are those from inside the company so what is happening within the business. The changing's inside the business e.g coping with new methods of working or new ways of technology inside the business. It is also a way of considering the new skills that will be needed in the future and those that existing staff already has.

Organisations such as John Lewis are constantly changing and their workforce need to be able to adapt to this changing's. The demand for products and services will affect the...
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