Human Resource Management

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Kopanang Batho Cooperation Services is a company that distributes water to all parts of the urban and peri- urban societies. Its vision is to strive to provide clean water services to all stakeholders and the mission is to provide quality water through highly motivated and professional staff. Ogbor (2009:283) believes that, “a business is not defined by its name, status or articles of incorporation. Rather it is defined by what it offers, to whom it is offered and how it is offered.” In this assay discussed are the factors affecting human resource management in global organisations and how they affect human resource management. Firstly described, the economic factors; secondly, the political- legal system, thirdly, education and technology and then culture, how each affect the practice and theory of management. Firstly, the economic factors it is all about the change about the new developments in the wealth that managers need to be aware of. The changes brought about these factors require managers forward thinking and who can handle and adapt to change. According to Kynhans et al(2009), “All these things show how healthy the country is, in other words, how well the country is doing economically”. Today’s organisations are operating in a global environment, the extents has become exceedingly complex and creates enormous uncertainty for managers. For example, some countries are prepared by the idea of free enterprise, that is people turn to find ways of doing things themselves in order to save costs and companies tend to loose clients due to that fact. Moreover, there are differences in requirements for severance pay and vacation days allowed to workers. Again, human resource management practices tend to change so as to prevent unemployment even at the cost of sacrificing productivity;...

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