Human Resource Management

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Episode 1 pilot episode
Beatriz Pengson a.k.a. “Betty” is the eldest daughter of Julia and Hermes. Right after birth the couple noticed the not so pleasant appearance of their first born child but it didn’t became a hindrance to give their unica hija the love that she deserves. Betty grew up to be charming and intelligent young lass but was often bullied by her peers because of her ugly looks. She was led to believe that she’s “Bettyful”- an alias given to Betty by her parents which means, being given with a beautiful heart and intelligence. Betty developed very close ties with childhood friend Nicolas. The duo acted more like a pair of retards when being together. The family runs a laundry shop but business has been bad lately which forces Julia to apply as an OFW in London. Betty who’s now fresh grad tries to look for a job in order to help her family but the companies always turned her down because of her ugly looks. Betty had a huge admiration for Armando – Ecomoda’s new president and was elated to find out that there’s a job opening for an executive secretary. Betty took her chance and applied at the company as a secretary instead, after seeing that she had no chance of winning against other applicants in the executive secretary job. She was phoned for a final interview and was up against Patrcia – a beautiful and sexy bombshell. Just like the previous job interviews, the HR officer became very biased and went on to select Patricia and gave Betty the famous thumb’s down phrase in job hunting-- “we’ll call you”. If Betty was lacking with in physical appearance, Armando on the other hand seems to had it all – good looks, money and fame. A well known playboy, he was the son of the owner of Ecomoda – one of the biggest advertising agencies in the country. The election for Ecomoda’s presidency was tainted by controversy after the deadlock on the votes between Aramndo –son of the owner and Daniella – The long time protégé. Norberto Solis, Armando’s father was asked to vote for a tie breaker but refused knowing that he would be accused of being bias to wards his son. In the end, Armando went on to win after Daniela’s sister Marcela turned against him and voted for Armando but in return Marcela asks to be his wife.

Episodes 2 job hates betty
After walking out from Ecomoda, Betty saw the HR manager congratulating Patricia for passing the final interview. It was another disappointing day for Betty, especially now that her family had high expectations that she will pass the interview. Betty was unenthusiastic to go home because she doesn’t want to disappoint her family. She was jubilantly welcomed and congratulated for landing a job in Ecomoda. Frightened to fail her family yet again, Betty just nodded and says that she was hired. The family mistakenly thought that Betty is treating them to dinner and with no money, Betty gave her family a banquet dinner at a fishball stand outside their house instead. Despite reaching the top spot in the company Armando is still longing for the respect and approval of his father. He aired his sentiments and promises to his dad that he will do everything to be worthy for the position. Norberto reminded his son that promises are not enough and the main thing for him to do is to deliver the goods. Armando’s father is also concerned about the welfare of Marcela and reminded his son that Daniela and her sister is like a daughter to him, Armando was warned, not do anything that would break Marcela’s heart. With regards to Armando’s new secretary, Norberto believes that his playboy son wouldn’t able to do his job properly if he has sexy secretary, so he ordered his son to hire another one. After having a talk with bestfriend Nicolas, Betty decided to spare her family from disappointment for just one night. The next day, the family were very busy and very excited because it is Betty’s first day on the job. After their breakfast, Betty was ready to tell her family about the truth.

Episode 3...
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