Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management


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1| Introduction| 3|
2| Recruitment; a strategic tool | 3| 2.1| Key factors for a recruitment and selection process| 4| 2.2| Methods of selection available for Best People| 4|

2.3| Assessing selection methods| 5|
3| Assessment centres an evaluation| 5|
4| Interview| 7|
5| Curriculum Vitae| 10|
6| Conclusion| 11|
7| Bibliography| 13|


The report deals with the importance of recruitment and selection methods in Best People as stipulated in the recent Board Meeting by the HR Director. `Best People` is a renowned recruitment firm in UK. It employs several selection methods in employee selection. This has resulted in the selection of the best talents from the candidate pool. An analysis of its selection methods reveals that it should concentrate more on the best possible methods from wide choices of selection methods. Further, such a wise choice would obviously result in the achievements of strategic goals of the organisation as well. 2 Recruitment; a strategic tool:

Recruitment and selection is considered to have immense importance as a strategic tool (Dinkel, 2008). In this sense, it helps to achieve organisational goals (Ulrich and Beatty 2001).A well planned recruitment and selection process is inevitable for Best People due to several reasons. Firstly, it brings the best candidates to the firm thereby increasing it productivity and accelerates it growth. Further, a wise selection of candidates who are willing to stay for a long-term in the organisation is an asset to the organisation because they can present improved efficiency that brought from their long-term experience (Compton et al, 2009). Further, it helps to improve the morale of the employees and maintain good relationship with them (Millmore et al. 2007, p.279). Less labour turnover helps to prevent frequent recruitment which results in short term employment and lack of experience among the staff (Compton et al, 2009). The selection of a wrong candidate will result in the loss of reputation of the organisation and also leads to slow down its growth. A wrong candidate will also tend to destroy the morale of other staff members. As a company Best People should consider more important methods that should be kept in mind while conducting recruitment and selection. As pointed before, these methods must be effective in relation to cost, efficiency and effectiveness. In short, the effectiveness of these methods can be measured using the criteria of reliability, utility, validity, cost effectiveness and predictability (Landau, al 1994).These points can be explained in detail below:

Efficiency: An efficient recruitment and selection methods should be cost effective in terms of money and resources and time. An expensive recruitment and selection system that is not worth when compared to the productivity or outcome is unwise to follow (Compton et al, 2009). Likewise, a time consuming recruitment and selection methods also should be avoided for any other fast and more effective methods (Landau, al 1994).Moreover, the resources of the Best People, both human resources and material resources should be taken into account in choosing recruitment and selection methods. Effectiveness: Any recruitment and selection methods chosen should be effective which means that it should produce desired outcome (Duraisingam, V. 2005) .The methods employed should be capable enough of choosing the best candidates. 2.1 Key factors for a recruitment and selection process: A recruitment and selection process involves a series of stages which are equally important. It should be kept in mind that in order to run an effective recruitment and selection method Best People should maintain a cost effective process of these methods. 2.2 Methods of...

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