Human Resource Management

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2.1. Analyze the need for human resource planning, the information required and the stages involved in this process Human Resource planning is the assessment of HR requirements and time and stages of requirement. It is to obtaining the right numbers and kinds of people at the right time to fulfil organizational needs (Burach & Mathys, 1980 cited in Diamante & Ledesma-Tan book, p. 37) Human resource planning is important and on-going because of the changes and trends that are happening. Businesses are impacted by turnover, retirements, technology, changes in the economy, changes in the industry and consumer demand that may require skills that the company doesn’t have. That’s why HR planning will help the company by ensuring that the employees have the skills and competencies the business needs to succeed. It will better prepare for staff turnover, recruitment and strategic hiring-and alleviate stress when the company have emergency/last-minute hiring needs. The 4 Phases involved in HR planning are:

* Gathering and analysing information about expected demand based on the business’s future plans and the supply and availability of staff to meet these demands. * Companies must identify their specific human resource objectives, which can involve decisions related to whether candidates will be promoted from within or hired externally, whether work will be outsourced or done by employees on staff, and whether the company prefers to staff for excess capacity or take a streamlined approach to staffing. * The third phase of planning involves designing and implementing programs that are aligned with the company’s objectives. These programs will include benefit programs to satisfy employee needs and impact the ability to retain staff, as well as training programs to ensure that staffs are prepared to meet current and future demands. * The Fourth phase of planning will involve monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the human resource plan and making changes as appropriate.

HR planning also includes:
* Forecasting Hiring Needs
* Employment Arrangements
* Succession planning
* Creating a Personnel Manual

HR planning is important and needed because it will keep the company right on track. It will let the company know when to hire and when to terminate employees. It will also help the company know what skills of the employee are needed at a certain time. For example 5 years from now, the technology will improve. With HR planning, the company will know that 5 years from now, they will need to retrain their employee to use the new technology or to hire new employee that have the skills to use those new technologies. Without HR planning, the company will not know when to hire and what skills may be needed at that certain time in the future. Without HR planning, the company may panic in making decision, or will make decision at the eleventh hour which will result to customers’ complaints, shortage of employee, absent of a certain employee’s skill that is needed and many more. If this happens, the decision may not be one that really suits the need but more out of urgency. This type of decision may also be costly to the organization. It is possible that the position was filled but not with the right person. Eventually, this person might have to go. So what happens is that the solution was just temporary and cost the company to spend more. HR planning also helps the company with the succession plan. For example, 5 years from now, the top employee of the company or the vice president will retire. The operation of the company can’t stop, that’s why HR planning is there to help the company with the succession of who will be the next vice president, and plan in advance about the recruitment to replace that top employee who retired.

2.3 Evaluate the interview as a selection technique and discuss a range of alternative selection methods available. Interview
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