Human Resource Interview: Kaiser-Permanente

Topics: Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, Health care Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: August 25, 2010
Delbert Lammers
Human Resource Management: BUS 303 Human Resource Interview Beverly Williams: Instructor August 16th, 2010

For my interview, I called the human resource department of our local Kaiser Permanente hospital, Here in San Jose. I chose to interview someone in healthcare, since my college minor is in healthcare. When I called the hospital, they put me in touch with a very nice lady ( K. Lavender, human resource manager, Kaiser Permanente Healthcare Systems, August 16, 2010) She mentioned that she had worked for Kaiser Permanente for nearly eleven years, and that she really liked her job. I told Katherine that I was pursuing an on line degree, and that my present class was Human resource management, and that this weeks assignment entailed asking someone in human resource management two questions; 1.)What type of job evaluation system is used at your place of employment, and 2.) Who conducts the evaluation? In answer to the first question, she told me that it really depends on which department you work for. I ask her, what if I were a doctor? She said if you are a doctor, dentist or nurse practitioner, your job performance evaluation would be done by another doctor who also works as a physicians manager, along with two administrators. She stated that their (doctors, dentist, and nurse practitioners) evaluations involve well defined written performance standards; an evaluation tool, and the opportunity for review and feedback, and that the type that worked best for them was called an Open- ended self-evaluation, which involved giving them a yearly list of self evaluation questions. She was kind enough to email me the questions used in last years evaluation to better understand how the...
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